The Church: A Mega Social-Networking Utility

We all need to socialize.

Have you realised how pointless Facebook is becoming to some? Is it becoming boring to you? Just Google ‘Facebook boring’ and you will get a hundred results and more telling you why Facebook is dying. One theory I like is the one in which the more friends you have the more secretive you become about the information you share. Well, true to an extent. But the way I see it is the more friends you have, the more information you’d want to share! Albeit a bit carefully. Read More »

My church, facebooked.

It’s been up for a while now, but this is my church’s official page on Facebook. Tree of Life Church (TLC) Mumbai

My Church, on FB
My Church, on FB

The page brings in all the posts from our blog, has a lot of photo albums going up and even has updates on our new schedules and meetings. I created the page with a view of having authenticity for our church website. After all, you can’t trust every website that is put up on the net. When you have an FB page and a twitter page with people interacting, you know it exists at least. I’ve added a button to the FB page on our church website so people can easily link there.

So the fans haven’t grown much. It’s still stuck at 90. But I’m optimistic about it. There are a lot of people who interact and read the posts, who wouldn’t have bothered to read it if I had just left the posts on our TLC blog. So, not only do I get newcomer’s to judge us, but I also keep our own members updated. If you have a church, I’d suggest you make a page for it. And avoid making groups. Pages are better

Here are few reasons why you should make a page :

  1. Pages are indexed by search engines. Which means that if you have a page, that along with your website has better chances of getting noticed and ranked higher.
  2. Pages can have applications added. Although still in the nascent stage, there are applications being developed that can stream audio files right into the page. You can have your twitter account updated with it. And they are a quite flexible in terms of putting up ads if you ever have to.
  3. Pages import blog posts very well. There are applications like Social RSS and others to help with that too. They put a link to your note along with a picture. It looks pretty neat.
  4. Updates are sent in your followers new streams and their inbox. Don’t need to elaborate that. It works like status updates
  5. And finally, major brands use pages, why shouldn’t you? Brands like Coca-cola (just to name one) effectively make use of FB pages. You can too. This is a good church page for you to check out: CCK (UK) . I take most of my church-tech inspiration from them.  Marshill

If that doesn’t impress you, this should. If it doesn’t I don’t know what to say. 😛

A man from Canada, landed up in our church because he searched facebook for a church in Mumbai. Facebook, I repeat, not Google. He came over, and even had meals with us and other members of our church.

Technology is available and God works in countless ways. Pages are one of them. Will you open it up to him?

P.S. My church tweets too @tlcmumbai

Why Facebook seems a better choice for a personal Blog

Before anything let’s come to a conclusion of the phrase ‘Personal Blog’. By this I do not mean a blog which has your ownership. No. What I mean is a blog on which you write your personal issues, likes & Dislikes

I’ve been working on the theme of this blog. Heaven knows that since the time I started it, it has been the biggest pain in the unmentionables to think about. And I may have figured out a solution to my problem, let’s see how it works out in the coming days.

Let’s say that you are a Person X, not anonymous, and want are wanting to make a personal blog. I don’t know about you, I am however, analyzing the purpose of this blog I’ve put up as opposed to having an account on facebook. These are the questions I’ve been asking myself.

  1. When you create a personal blog, what are your desires?
  2. Do you want people all around the world should know what you are going through?
  3. Even if you create a private one, are people going to be reading it?

Now there are many answers to the questions above. Here’s why I’m asking them: because I had a light-bulb moment a few weeks ago about Facebook and my blog.

Let me shed some light on my situation. I am from India. Not a lot of people here are tech savvy. And the ones who are, prefer to stay in a shell of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and maybe twitter or social networks like them. It is in these sites where people tell and reveal all (almost). They are also very open and comment a lot in such places. People in India don’t know yet what a blogging is all about. And if you’re trying to write about someone or something, chances are, that in their life time they will never read that blog. People are just too busy to figure out what a blog is all about.

So if your answer to the above is something like this…

  • I want to write about my friends, family trips, college Dean (the creep), or my daily routine etc.
  • I want people to know what I go through, where I come from and who I am.
  • I’d like my readers to be updated with everything about me.
  • I want to share pictures of my recent b’day party.
  • I want to write about a particular friend of mine and tell him how much his act of kindness helped me.
  • I want to tell everyone of my favorite music, this that and all etc etc.

….I would recommend, that you use Facebook instead. FB makes doing all of the above very simple.