11 things I am thankful for this year

Pic by James Almond on Flickr

I really doubt if time passes at the same rate of 24 hrs. per day. It really seems to have zoomed past this year.

2010 has been a year in which I’ve crossed over to a new phase of life. It’s been one hell of a ride. There have been challenges, mistakes and problems staring in the face. In spite of all the crap, there’s always a silver lining. Here’s to 2010.. some (only a part of the whole) of the things I’m really thankful that happened this year:

1. Completed Graduation! Was in serious doubts over my passing.. and when I got my results I was like.. could’ve done better – how cynical can I be?

2. The Recession eased off and hiring began. Most of us in our last year were wondering if there would be jobs available for us when we graduated.

3. And I got a job, in the industry I wanted, in the company that I’d dreamt of, and with plenty of time to spare before I got in. My employment has been such a relief/blessing/miracle.

4. Started going to the gym. It’s been there for so long on my list, since first year at senior coll. And now it’s begun.

5. A new post graduation course that came along. This course in Leadership was well-tailored for my needs and that’s exactly what I wanted to do after my college. It came in just in time after college exams ended.

6. Got my first cheque for blogging. There were a bunch of ads running on my blog that I earned a bit from. They’re gone now. But still, it just encourages me to keep writing.

7. Desire fulfilled: Somebody made 3 full banners for the church. I wanted to design and print a few new banners for my church. I didn’t get any time during the year. Towards the end of November, someone from a church in Pune called in saying that they were printing extra banners and could custom make it for us for a minimal charge. In 6 days three new banners came home. You wouldn’t believe how big that was! One resolution complete. 😀

8. My computer hasn’t stopped working. Not even a bit. It’s a P4, 11 years old, but it hasn’t stopped working even for a day last year. I can put of the PC and go to sleep knowing it’ll turn on in the morning. You don’t know how much of a blessing that is.

9. Went further in India than before: The furthest I’d been in india was Bangalore. This year, we went to Kerala and went even further from Munnar to visit Allapey, close to the bottom part of Kerala. Then in the same month went for a youth camp to Pune. You can say that it was a time of chilling out right after the board exams in May.

10. I’m getting help for the newsletter. It used to be a one man show – the church newsletter that I would design and print.. now there’s a new girl helping who gathers the articles and emails to me. This saves me around 6 days of work every month.

11. A trio of travelers landed up in our church through the blog. I have set up a blog for my church. It’s pretty convenient for someone living near the airport to visit our church since we meet in Santacruz. The hits on this site were going down and the bounce rate was increasing. Questions were raised over whether the website is a worthy investment. Just the next week, three guys pursing medicine were on an exchange trip form the US.. they came to our service. You can imagine my joy when they tell people they came in through the website.

Most importantly, and more than all of the above, my family, my friends, my relatives are safe! Accidents, calamities keep happening world over. This year, we’ve all made it through safely. You couldn’t ask for something better.

These are just a few things that I thought I’d list down. There are obviously many more. . I wrote this down in like 5 minutes. Maybe you want to take a look back at the year and see what’s happened for you.

I think in terms of my dream, 2010 has taken me 10 steps closer to it. The year has passed. And now it’s time to take on the next year.

What are the things you’re thankful for?

Here’s wishing you a very happy 2011 and may God be with you and prosper you in this year!


2 thoughts on “11 things I am thankful for this year

  1. Great job with the website! I know we enjoy looking at it when new things are posted. Missin you guys. Tell your family we said hello.

    ps – congrats on the job!!

    • Hi Destiny! Compliments of the season!

      Thanks so much. We’re trying to keep the website updated daily but we kind of do it month to month now in tandem with our newsletter.. so when our newsletter is done.. new stuff comes up.

      I miss you all too! I remembered you last November… it was a year since you left. Glad to see updates from mike’s Quilt Shop. Gr8 that it’s going places! Has mike’s MBA completed? I guess he’d have only a few months left now?

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