6 Things to keep in mind before joining BMS

UPDATE: This post was a rather satirical/sardonic view of BMS at time when I had just finished college. 5 years hence, people in the comments pointed out my views seemed different, however far from it, I actually implored people to stay away from BMS from the start. Reading the title of this post you’d know that this is a cautionary (stay away if possible) post. Regardless, because of the confusion and the number of comments surrounding my views on BMS, I have just recently put up a post  completely panning the BMS/BBA courses for reasons mentioned therein. Rest assured I have more than 6 reasons. 

BMS or Bachelor of Management studies, is a relatively new course brought out by the University of Mumbai. This is a course designed to give that sharper edge for candidates to manage a business right after they graduate. It’s a very rich course and has a huge advantage over the traditional B.Com degree due to the wide array of topics it covers – from Exports and International Finance to Production and Human Resource, from Finance to Inventory and practical projects etc . This is the all-in-one course designed to make you stand as a ‘demi-MBA’ among the graduates. So if you’ve picked the newly discovered ‘scientophobia’ (fear of Science 😛 ) or if you want to go a level higher than arts and don’t want stick into the rut of Commerce, BMS is the solution for you! All the same you might be that hard-working, talented individual too, but it really doesn’t matter, BMS is a ‘one size fits all’ course.

Before you hop on the BMS bandwagon, please keep in mind the following things. This is just a word of caution for you and all your fellow batch mates so that you don’t find yourself wishing you were doing a simple Arts degree.

Don’t make a mistake following the rat race (by antwerpenR, Flickr)

Caution #1

Don’t join the course because you’re super intelligent

It doesn’t matter whether you got 90% all throughout your life, or scored straight ‘A’s in every subject. In BMS you need to have the skill to get you through your internals. This, quite often comes in the form of mind-boggling tasks that you have to use the creative side of your brain for. And these projects constitute 40% of your totals. Don’t mess up your internals because you weren’t ‘street smart’ because then,  boy you’ve had it!

Caution #2 Pray real hard that you get into a good college

Remember that time when you’re parents used to tell you to study? Well all for a good cause. Getting into a good college will always land you up in a good position at a company after you completed graduation, and will even get you to actually learn something. Some lower-rung colleges don’t really know the value of the course and don’t have a dedicated facility. Hence BMS gets second class value there. So you can get disappointed if you’ve really wanted to learn something. Friends of mine from MMK in Bandra didn’t have a professor for one subject in their Third Year! This happens a lot. So try to get into a good college. (From personal experience,  stay away from WILSON’s and MMK!)

Caution #3 It’s not for the socio-phobes and ‘one man army’ type people

Part of every college course is having a bunch of cool and good friends to share the joys and troubles with.  I’ve had the privilege of having a good bunch of pals who were together for nearly the whole duration of the course – doing virtually every project together. Staying up late nights, watching our computers crash etc. we’ve done it all.. together! Yes you need to study by yourself and your marks art truly based on your own performance, but one important skill that no other course imparts is being a ‘TEAM PLAYER’. You don’t need to be one when you come in, but you also shouldn’t be averse to it either. The whole of BMS is a team building exercise and if you don’t wanna be part of the fun, keep away.

Caution #4 They haven’t banned Child Labour YET!

Most of you’ll are 18 by the time you’ll get in. Don’t let that be a reason to consider yourself all mature and ready to take on the world! You still want to have fun, late night fun, long games of cricket etc. you’re young only once right? But the guys in Mumbai University don’t care. The whole of BMS covers a minimum of 40 subjects and additionally a minimum of two projects per subject which means a total of 80 internal projects + 40 written papers = 120 things to do to pass in 3 years. That is quite a lot. When the guys in my college started off a term, we were chilled and thought ‘hey, exams are a long way off!’. Not realizing that 3 months is actually a very short time. Although not heavy on the intelligence aspect, BMS makes up for it with the amount of practical hard work that you have to put in.

Caution #5 Not many companies are aware about the course, YET!

Most corporate these days, still advertise for B.Com instead of BMS, and that becomes a big pain in the unmentionables especially if your college doesn’t get you good placements. The course has a major disadvantage of being a bit low on ‘in-depth’ knowledge and hence some companies would prefer hiring manual labor to do the usual meaningless tasks than a smart BMS guy/gal who can add value to his/her process.

Caution # 6 Don’t ruin someone’s life by joining the course because you’re incompetent

So far I’ve mentioned quite a few things on what you need to have before you join BMS. These are not only important for you but also for your colleagues in class. BMS projects and team work run on a synergy concept i.e. if one can pull a thousand kilos, two can pull ten thousand. Also in Synergy, 2+2=5. The point is the whole team together can bring out more value than an individual alone by contributing together. And here comes the problem. Some people in a group or team are so dependent on their peers that the group output remains at 2+2=4. No added value is generated because the group is constantly covering up for that one member playing ‘catch-up’ with the rest of the class. If you see yourself in that place, do your best to get out of there, or don’t join BMS at all. You’ll have more people frustrated with you  at the end of the course than ever before.

Caution # 7 The course is costlier

Well there may be some who can afford every expense, but for those who can’t manage the additional fees that BMS imposes anyways ( 3 times more than usual courses), here’s some more news.. projects and the required stuff also add a lot more. One of my groups project costs went to INR 3000+.

These are just a few precautions that you need to take before you join the course. I hope they help somewhat. If you have any word of advice for people interested in this course, please leave a comment and I’ll put a post together based on them. In closing I’d just like to say BMS is a good course, but your performance is really on your own efforts. All the best to you!

April 2016 Update: As some of you may note in my comments, I have recommended staying away from BMS. I have a good reason for it from experience and will be writing a post very soon. Follow my blog to stay updated. Rest assured, It will be an exhaustive list of reasons.


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  1. is it very costlier kya??? can u tell me 1 year ka all amnt of money includin project n evrythng how much will it be??

  2. what should i choose B.COM B.MS ?
    n agar me B.com karta then what will be my ?? n if i m doing B.MS then what will be my future? reply me soon

    • BCom is a specialised course. Think of where you want to be 5 years after graduating and think accordingly. BMS is course covering lots of topics in brief. Gives you an overall idea about business and marketing/Finance. BCom focuses on the Finance aspect.

      IN terms of course content and overall quality, BMS is a better option provided you’re willing to work hard on the assignments and projects which form 40% of the course grade.

      Hope this helps.

      • I personally feel BMS isn’t worth the effort. BCom will give you opportunities to Pursue a CA or an ACCA career and after that you can attempt a CFA too. Very difficult to both with BMS because of the projects. I’ve mentioned this specifically in my newer post (Inside story on BMS). Check it out.

  3. you have mentioned that it is better to stay away from MMK & Wilson . I have tried in NMIMS , Xavier, Jaihind , RA Poddar but could not get there . but got admission in Wilson so what should I do to still get best out in Wilson

  4. can I do part time job by taking bms.? I am vry much interested in bms but the problem is I need to do part time job. can u pls tell me is it possible to do both bms n job? thank you..:)

    • You can do a part time course with any graduate program. With BMS it becomes a bit of a task managing it with your projects.

      I would suggest, try for a summer internship during your holidays during college! This really helps as when on campus recruitment comes, it adds value to your résumé.

      Even if you want to apply elsewhere, Freshers with internship experience are respected.

    • One can do a part time like any other degree course would allow. The challenges are more in BMS due to the numerous assignments and their scope. Often group projects involve making trips to obscure factories and meeting different businessmen during their office hours. This will pose a time and priority challenge.

      During the summer holidays however, one should according to me, take on an internship in a job of a field he intends to pursue after graduation. Even if the pay is low, the experience would be priceless.

    • CA and BMS is manageable. I have had a colleague from my batch who did it. he did have to miss a lot of classes though. So suggestively try a college which doesn’t make a big fuss about attendance and do your projects on time.

    • CA and BMS is manageable. I have had a colleague from my batch who did it. he did have to miss a lot of classes though. So suggestively try a college which doesn’t make a big fuss about attendance and do your projects on time.

    • BMS is not a quantifiable course. The job market is full of specialists courses – BCom, BAF, BBI etc. A BMS student’s advantage of being a jack of all trades is also the biggest disadvantage.

      Point being, salary is not given as per your experience – it is given as per what the employer thinks you can do. A BMS student can apply in a bank and get the same pay as a BCom fresher.

    • I’m not a fan of doing an MBA after BMS for the simple reason being that BMS doesn’t make you skilled in any particular function. Again, MBA is supposed to make you a jack of all trades.

      I would suggest a specialization in the interim phase.

  5. what about doing bms and baf together is it possible or ca and bms is more preferable….? help me out plzzz

    • Please have a good understanding of the course – can one do Arts and Commerce together? BMS and BAF are full time courses. Preferences are as per choice. BMS would give you a bird’s eye view and a kind of mini-mba qualification.. BAF is more finance oriented.

  6. sir i was in 2nd year enggineering bi due to kts i have decided to switch to bms or bsc in it can u suggest me which one should i take?its difficult to choose

    • I feel sorry for your failures but don’t give up hope.

      BMS vs BSC is like comparing Science vs Commerce in 12th Standard. Both are totally different.

      I’d encourage you to leverage your years of Science experience, your engineering experience to move into a technically oriented Science graduation course. I personally feel it will be helpful for you and would require less of an investment in terms of knowledge. You can still do a lot with courses like BSc IT and BSc Stats & Maths, Zoology etc.

      You don’t need to do a BMS to get into some roles that BMS students are offered. E.g. If you do BSc Stats & Maths, you can look forward to an Analyst job in a bank, post a relevant PG say like in CFA. A BMS student would also follow the same path.

      Point being, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade… Not Orange Juice.

  7. I’ve got 77% in HSC in commerce but I’m confused which course I should take .I want to go in a course which can give me a good earning job
    What should I do plz suggest me a good course

    • That wholly depends on your interests and long term aspirations. Try listing them down and then look for the courses to fit them.

  8. I’v scored 60% in hsc exam I m confused between BA n BMS ..
    if I go to BMS I m nt that confident in front of the crowd n I find it difficult
    plzz do help. ……

    • I’ve mentioned in the earlier comments that the packages you get are quite subjective. To get a reasonable idea now, do check with your seniors (who’ve passed TY) or your campus placement officer.

      I can’t comment on a BA Eco. Have no idea what the curriculum includes. I can help with the fact that banks do recruit BA Econ grads in case you’re keen on a career in banking. And yes, if you’re doing it, might as well do it from Xaviers!

      • I have heard somewhere that economics students have an edge over Commerce and management students. Is that true? Please guide me… Because I am confident that I will get through both of them for Admissions…. Please suggest me which should I choose.. My main aim is to pursue MBA from abroad.

      • I don’t think it’s that true. Although if you are doing economics in Xaviers, it has much better market value than a BMS from say.. MMK.

  9. I i am really confused.bcom from nm college or bms from ritambhara college?i am more interested in the managerial aspects and bms was my first priority.but,obviously nm has better reputation than ritambhara so what should I do?

  10. I want to become A Flight Pursuer,is BMS preferable to become join Cabin Crew?? Or is there any other better course than BMS for it?
    Reply ASAP! Please!!

  11. i got 86% in HSC …I have taken admission in BMS ….Is SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College Of Management(Mumbai) a good college for BMS? Is it better than Bhavans college(mumbai, ) ??….can I do CS ( company secetry) along with it.will it make a good pakage for my salary ….is it manageable also?? or if not manageable..what other courses should i go for ???I want to do MBA after BMS please help…thanks in advance

    • I have a friend who has managed to do a CA along with BMS. I’m guessing CS is on par. Asking someone what courses to go for is dangerous. Check what options you have first based on what you like and then offer those options up for people to vet.

      I have my own reservations about an MBA after BMS. Primarily because a BMS course makes you skilled at nothing, but a jack of all trades. And that’s exactly what an MBA does.. which is why engineers do it.

      Do you want to go in for a jack of all trades training again? Or would you want to specialise in something?

  12. Sir I am in 12th studying in Xaviers Mumbai. I intend doing BMS after 12th.. Would u please suggest if my selection is right expecting on future job opportunities. I have an interest for foreign language.. I am studying French right now..so would it help me?

    • Most would advise you to pursue a BA and select french as a subject. You can open doors to working at embassies and the foreign services. Not to mention that French can help you earn good by translation.

      It can also help if your broke.. you can give french trainings.

      I thought of all this because I too wanted to pursue french.

    • I don’t think it would be worth the effort. You can, but you won’t have it easy. I wouldn’t know where to get started. And, what’s wrong with Sydenham?

      • Hey bro, how’s St Andrews collg for bms n u said to be away from Wilson’s for bms, may I know y?

      • It’s a very personal recommendation. You judge a college by the quality the environment they create for learning. In Wilson’s based on experiences by my own friend’s who’ve passed out, the environment is more of a distraction than for a place of learning.

        As for Andrew’s with their requirements of attendance (which are unparalleled and infamous under Masci’s reign) the environment to study us much better.

  13. WHICH IS best recommend college u think..
    so far is usha pravin gandhi college of management god yet ?? for managemnt studiess

    • I will be posting something on why I think BMS shouldn’t be taken by anyone anymore. As of now I would recommend only the South Bombay Colleges. Jai Hind for one and St. Xaviers too.

    • I might have mentioned it somewhere in the comments that i’m going to write another post on BMS after having been in the market for 6 years now. Thanks for asking though. Short answer – No.. i’d not recommend it anymore. I’ll create a blog post by May.

    • for most passing out from college with just a graduation, it doesn’t matter. It works like this, if you’re a fit for the role, regardless of your education, they pay higher.

  14. Plz help me out I am totally confused what to do after my hsc my mind keeps changing I am interested in all commerce subject but I want to do a degree which offers me great career opportunity and in future I get a good job with good salary plz help thank u in advance I am thinking of doing bms but what to do after bms

    • I’m not going to be able to comment on this and hoping not to put you in trouble by an arbitrary recommendation, but I have see CAs are still valued in the market over many normal Graduates.

  15. Can i do car designing course With Bms…?? Is it possible? Heard a little about Distant education. What else can I do instead of car designing course? Is there something which I can do with Bms? Is Bms a waste? Is there anything with Drawing related course?? Or animation course? Or Cartoonist? Also What can I Do After Bms? MBA? MMS? I was a science student in 12th Hsc but due to my low grades I switched to Bms as I found Sci. Difficult. Plz advise…

    • You can do whatever you want with BMS and I would recommend it. But remember, time is a factor. The amount of projects you get, ensure you have the tenacity to see it through.

  16. is BMS a goog cource.? do we get good jobs after completing BMS. And if we want to do masters cources after BMS, which would one would be the best one.?

  17. Hi, I wanted to know whether to go for BMS OR BBA and which one is accepted abroad in like the best colleges(Ivy’s) ? And if BMS then from which college in India and the same for BBA. Please help me.

  18. Sir i am a science student and i just came to know about BMS. Before that i was thinking of doing b.tech. i know these both course r completely different. But b.tech these days everyone is doing and there is lot of struggle in getting a good pay. I want to ask that do BMS has a good scope and do company give a student a good package.

    • 12th Science? Me too!

      BMS too is being done by ‘everyone’ these days. BTech is better – you can probably run a startup later on in life.

  19. sir I have got a big doubt.Currently pursuing Science (Maths Stats Eco) from Xaviers but Maths has been too hot to handle.I mean i’m unable to cope up with it. Currently thinking of doing BMS but getting into Xaviers BMS is tough. Can u pls suggest me some better colleges in Mumbai for BMS like Xaviers and also about the course’s fee structure…

    • I think you should consider BA Econ. Xavier’s has in house right? I know for a fact some banks recruit Xavier’s BA Eco students right after graduation on Campus.

  20. Hey. I’m a science student precisely fisheries ..no math. Wasted one year and wanted to switch career path..BMS thing is kinda interesting me .could you help telling scope for such students in getting admission and graduating from bms . and how about the colleges in Pune fee and placements like MIT mitcom etc.

  21. Can v think of BMS & MMS courses in abroad… Wats d eligibility criteria for it n which college should v go in which will take us abroad… Can u name some good universities which are suitable for BMS & MMS courses in abroad

  22. Sir i took science after 10th and it was like shit..i gave my hsc exam this year iam sure i will not get gud grades and cant get gud clg due to this…i heard about BMS and it also looks intresting to me after reading all comments…but please mention the names of courses which i can do along with bms and please mention that courses which would have demand after 3 years i will also do MBA after i complete BMS…but i want to do some gud course along BMS..plz mention name of the courses

    • Why don’t you want to take up BSc? Also i presume you’ve given the MHCET. Have you thought about bio-tech and other such not-so famous finance courses? They can also give you a better pay then a BMS grad with a BSc degree. I had a friend who got average CET marks and got placed in a bio tech college and eventually has moved abroad after being hired as a Researcher in a university there.

  23. sir i completed hsc iam thinking to take bms please mention the name of courses that i can do along with bms and courses shld be litle easy and have scope after 3 yrs and im also confused between BMS and Bca i know both are very Diff but the thing is i wnt to knw which one amng these two have better scope if i take BCa will i earn more??

    • I can say this, that a BCA can be done with other courses as well (from what i’ve heard). So it’s not a very intensive course. It can help you build programs and stuff which i think is pretty cool considering how many people offer online app building courses!

      Having said that, the question BMS or BCA is an apples vs oranges comparison which like you said, are totally different and which I wouldn’t be able to comment.

    • Think about it this way – What do you want to do in life with your maths skills and a BMS degree? BMS is a commerce based course – most of commerce has very little maths as it is.

  24. When in May will you be posting the blog about “Why we shouldn’t take up BMS anymore?”
    Read all the comments. And the blog too. Could you possibly share the reason for your transition from why one should do BMS to why one shouldnt? Can you also share what you did after BMS and what kind of job you are doing now (all possible details you can share please)? — PS I just gave Boards last month (PCM- CBSE- Delhi) I will get a good score too. — I am not really after money, its good learning and finding my interests I am after. Please do reply.

    • Well some of the comments have given away some of my apprehensions about BMS and I have first hand experience. That being said I will do my best to push out a post as soon as I can.

      Thanks for your suggestion, the skeleton of my post is along similar lines.

      I hope to put in first hand accounts of my own colleagues who’ve done BMS and how their opinions too have been shaped.

      • I have just completed my hsc from science stream and as u mentioned i have started generating science phobia and want to switch stream. So i want to pursue bms can a science student can do bms easily or it will be tough for me because of lack of knowledge about subjects like account and eco


      • It’s not impossible. Rather easy. Just take a couple of classes for the Accounts subjects. They’re a bit of a pain. Eco is like Physics. Know the logic, can be done.

  25. sir should v stop studying after mms or look for a broader prospect and start finding job after mms or study more

    • Can’t comment on what I’ve not done. But I frankly don’t see the point of an MMS after a BMS. Both courses are surface level courses. Jack of all trades raised to the power of two.

      • hey i know v always drift from d bms topic bt i hve a serious confusion regarding if v take pgdm and mba and mms into consideration.. which weighs a higher value in sense of job oppurtunites

      • I’m quite sure MBA looks better on your résumé for jobs. But selecting an MBA from a good college like Xavier’s, NM or Welingkar is of importance.

  26. im very eager to know why your apprehensions are changed for bms and what experience u hve to share about ur bms career. IT IS A VERY HUMBLE REQUEST FOR U TO POST A BLOG ON WHY NOT TO TAKE UP BMS! WHAT WAS UR EXPERIENCE THAT MADE U THINK SO?

    eagerly waiting for ur blog n pls dont forget to reply for my previous blog
    basically i want to some good points of taking up for pgdm over mms or mba

    • To be politically correct… This post (6 reasons why) has always been a bit condescending. It has an optimistic tinge to it only because back in the day I was in unknown waters and maybe… The course would pick up. My ‘apprehensions’ haven’t changed per se, and to the contrary they’ve been exonerated. Please go to ‘home’ on my blog and see that I have posted a teaser post for the new post on BMS. I should have the post up by this weekend or the next.

      And I haven’t considered doing an MMS / MBA or a PGDM. The reason being because BMS was already too much. As such I wouldn’t have a reasonable and adequate basis to comment on your post as great as it perhaps may be.

  27. What is the salary package differece between a BMS student and B.COM student Offered by companies ?

    • None. Per my experience. To the contrary it may be difficult for a BMS candidate to Crack the interview a BCom applies for in finance because they’re more knowledgeable in terms of accounts

  28. Sir i was a pcm student with computers in class 12th and scored a 94%. Now, i really wanna switch to economics for i was never interested in pursuing btech (my sad story being i wanted to opt bio in class 11th but was too naive to stand for my choice, :/ it wasn’t mah parents who manipulated me but mah relatives, uncles and aunts, explaining things about money matters,uh know… -_- ) so now i’m thinking for du (though d cut-offs are yet to b declared… :/ ) now u please guide me that whether i shoud go for eco hons or bms ? is there a good scope for the former n how far do you think core studies or as you mentioned above superficial thing’s gonna benefit?

    • DU meaning Delhi University? That’s great. I practically wouldn’t recommend BMS anymore. I think it’s aim was to make entrepreneurs, but there’s only a handful of students if any who end up doing something out of the box. Most who graduate just want a stable job in a good field/company. To that extent BMS kind of wrecks your skills because of the fact that you’ll probably be a jack of all and master of none. So as such I would see much more skill in doing BA Econ. rather than BMS. This opens you up to the financial world as well. This is my opinion and please take a second opinion from someone who is in the field you want to pursue or who has done the same graduation.

      Furthermore, you’re a 94%… indicative of the fact that you’re capable of taking on more. I would recommend doing something on the side like a CA/CPA/CIA etc financial course. Just because you didn’t get into BTech (or some science related field) doesn’t mean that you need to drop the ball when it comes to the level of studies (yes, to the commerce people reading this, Science has a lot more weird portion to memorize than commerce)

      I personally think if you’ve stayed away from BTech / engineering you’ve done well because the field is has reducing more supply of engineers than demand in the market. You may figure this out when you do Economics! 😉 All the best!

      • Thank you sir for ur suggestion… 🙂 and one more question please… given to mah badluck if the cut-offs don’t land me to a good college or maybe no place at all at du, particularly for economics course, then i’m thinking over bsc hons with computer science as a second option. What clearly a bsc graduate is upto apart from becoming a teacher ?

  29. Dear sir,
    . I have given my final exam in bms this April 2016. In the previous semester I specialized in special studies in finance. What are the possibilities of me getting a decent job in any finance company? And will it be better for me to also apply for an MBA in finance?

    • You should start applying immediately. However, my BIGGEST advice to freshers – negotiate your starting pay. Do not settle below 3 lacs (unless it’s a company you’re dying to get into) .. and the figure is p.a.

    • Quick Reply: It’s not the course that determines the package. It’s the skill level. The skill level and mastery is better with Bcom vs BMS for finance. BMS is more of a crossover course for those wanting to switch streams.

  30. Can i join teachng line aftr doing bms??n i wanna know that is bms entrance is tough n which buks shuld be prefrd for this entrance?

    • There wasn’t any entrance test for us since 2008 in Mumbai. It was scrapped the year we applied. Not sure if they’ve started it thereafter. Also, I don’t think you can start teaching with BMS. I’ve mentioned in the past that BMS is not a course that skills you. And hence, a master of no trade cannot make someone else master it.

  31. Can I crack BMS Entrance Exam of St. Xavier’s College without any or little preparations. Only few days are left can you please suggest me some core things to prepare. I’ve hunted many websites to check what should I study ? I know the topics covered but I want to know ‘how’ and what should I cover in General Knowledge and Current Affairs (should it needs to be inclined towards commercial portion). And most important what will this section cover “Critical Analysis and Creative Thinking”. Please tell me something I really want to get in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

    • Hi Omkar. This is coming as news to me that there are entrance tests to BMS nowadays. I’m sorry I won’t be of much help in that department as our batch onwards, they had scrapped the entrance test. Even students joining 2-3 years later weren’t giving any entrance. They must’ve introduce it recently or it must be a Xavier’s only thing.

      Have you tried checking with a book Shop for books on the entrance tests?

  32. I m hsc passed with 67% in Sci..n also I am not confident infront of peoples..should I choose to do BMS and then MBA in finance? Will it give good earnings.. And which type of jobs are available after doing BMS and mba. Plz reply sir.

    • Ma’am, I take it from your comment that you’re interested in finance. 67% in finance is a good score. My recommendation would be to try for BAF over BMS if you want to do finance. Don’t worry about catching up with accounts. You’ll only need two months of going through the CA CPT exam entrance book which will bring you up to speed with accounts. You can do a CFA/CPA alongside

      As an off beat view I would also implore you to consider BSc Maths & Stats. That along with a CPA/CA / CFA degree will be of much value to a bank. If you perhaps even pick up coding, you could be part of the data science and big data careers that are upcoming nowadays.

      You can do an MBA by giving the gmat which in my opinion opens you up to local colleges and those abroad.

      Consider a CFA if you’re keen on investments and research.

      I would do research on that data science / coding option if I were you?

  33. I am hsc passed with 65% in science stream… which option is good for science students among BMS, BBA, BAF. I don’t want to go in marketing sectors, I want to in banking sectors and private buisness sector. Which course will you recommend, Sir.

    • Do Read the latest post I have on BMS. I’ve included what students can do along side BMS and the fact that BMS is a good crossover course and background neutral. That being said, you shouldn’t have any issue doing BAF, which I recommend for banking, if you prepare for the CA CPT exam which will cover all your basics. Having done science you can manage college and the entrance exam. The exam will teach you accounting basics, so you don’t really need to give the entrance to get into CA.

  34. I am a science student. I have good NPAT score and have an option of doing B-Tech from NMIMS and BBA from Anil sunil Modi college of Commerce (NMIMS). I am more keen on taking up BBA course as I want to persue carrier in Human Resource and will like to do an MBA later. Should I go in for BBA or B-Tech.

  35. i have got 60% in HSC….& I wanna be HR…SO i am confused that can i do b.a(economics) and then MBA in HR…AND if i do bms…so will it be difficult for me as a arts student???plzzz help..

    • BMS is not difficult for an stream as long as you study a bit for the two accounts subjects that come. I would recommend BA Economics over BMS because it’s a good specialization. Also, I trust you’ve read the most recent post on BMS that I’ve written.

  36. Thank you to post this message for us to shown a better way for needed. Actually I’m totally confused before I read this post it’s very great tip about BMS to show a structure of it. Anyway thank you very much:)

  37. Sir should i do cs n bms together…?
    Is there is any obstacle or difficulty to do both thing in the same time..?

  38. Even I’m confuse. I’m doing my one year diploma in HOtl mngmnt but next year I want to go back to college so as per u what will be better for me
    BAF, BFM, BBI or BCom
    Pls reply

    • You’ve listed only finance courses so I presume you’re a 12th commerce passout. I don’t have an idea about BFM. I Know BBI is super simple – but that also has the BMS problem of not having enough scope in the market. I would recommend BAF or BCom and also encourage you to try a CA. It’d be three years of rigorous work but I know CAs even now are much better off than plain BCom, BAF guys.

  39. I am an arts student in 12th grade, Ruia college….I am thinking of opting for bms after 12th and thinking of applying in hr, jai hind, xaviers or nm…which one do you think is better? and will the course be relevant after 3 years

    • I’d be inclined towards Xaviers at any given time. After 3 years? I think the course is already irrelevant. See the other post i’ve put up about BMS.

  40. Currently,I am in 12 class
    After 12th wanna which university is better dU or Mumbai
    And is entrance be held for admn in BMS course and how much fees be required and Cochin be reqd for it preparation for admission…
    And it require good IQ level or not

    • You need to be smart in BMS not intelligent. I wouldn’t be able to comment on the university. Mumbai vs Delhi i’d prefer Mumbai. Entrance tests no idea whatsoever it’s been close to 10 years since I joined BMS (I am getting a bit old 😀 )

      Sorry for the late response BTW.

  41. Sir, I am pursuing 12th , PCM,ELECTRONICS and I am no more interested in science stream. My interest is in commerce field and according to my research i thing BMS will be good for me and after BMS I want. To do mba so what would u suggest me to do and KJ,SOMAIYA clg is good for bms??? Plz rply fast

    • I’ve written a whole post on why not to BMS and also why not to do an MBA after BMS. As such I do not recommend any college for BMS apart from Xaviers and Jai Hind.

      You’d be better off taking BCom with a CA degree or an IT Diploma.

    • The course doesn’t guarantee you a package dear. Please go through the other comments. It’s what you do after the graduation i.e. Where you get placed that matters. Colleges therefore have a big role to play. I can get placed in a multi national bank from Jai Hind doing just commerce but get placed for insurance sales doing BMS from St. Andrew’s.

  42. Sir I am totally confused somewhere u have mentioned that BMS is not a good course and at the same time u also have suggested to choose BMS … Sir plzz suggest whether I should choose it or ott..it is good or not

    • No confusion. I have panned (would not recommend) the course. I’ve only mentioned that those who want to still do it should bear in mind a few things and clear their misconceptions before joining.

  43. I am currently doing diploma in civil engineering but i have very keen interest in business and other management subjects and dont want to do degree in civil engineering should i opt for bms or would you suggest any other course after my diploma that will suit my interest.

    • Neither. Bachelor of Mass Media is the recommended option. Arts stream, but to the extent I remember, switchovers post 12th are allowed just like I did from Science into BMS which is commerce based.

    • MBA can be done after doing anything. I have written a new post about the inside scoop on BMS / BBA and covered why it is not useful to do an MBA right after BMS and BBA. In one line, it’s again doing a ‘jack of all trades’ course.

      I’m not aware that BMS and BBA both are offered by Delhi University.

    • As I’ve mentioned in a fair number of comments before, don’t craft your career around your degree. It should be the other way around. In any case Maths in Finance is basic Arithmetic and not matrices/calculus or anything of that sort. Don’t blow off a career just because of maths – I did that.

    • I’m doing CFA. It’s from abroad but it’s a self study course (lots of self study mind you). You can do that from the second year of senior college. BA Economics will be good enough to get you into Banks. Can’t comment on Mithibai specifically as I’m not aware of their campus placement opportunities, but most banks and Investment banks too, allow for BA Economics students to join. So if banking is your career choice, go for it. Try to intern at a brokerage firm through any network. It will help bolster your investment profile with the CFA degree.

  44. can you please differentiate between bms & bba cources in mumbai.
    i am having an family business & hunting for exports

    which of both ie.. BBA or BMS god for me

    • BBA is not applicable in Mumbai University. Correct me if my information is dated. BMS is called BBA outside of Mumbai. Also the Delhi University Course has an Honors option which has some really good content.

      There is a subject called EXIM (Export Imports) in BMS in one of the semesters but like all the subjects it covers nothing in depth. Hope you get a good college though.

      • HR is not really my area of expertise. And I don’t know of any other course apart from a BA Psycho or Sociology that could help with it.

  45. Anyways
    I’m more interested in theories and management And also working in a startup company as an HR
    so I wanted to do any core course in management but think here is just a basic
    Hope you can help me with the courses name

    • Yes you can. Do brush up on your accounts though. It’d be helpful and kind of required for the accounts subjects in the 2nd and 3rd sems.

  46. Hello sir, i got 50.46% in hsc science so i kept two courses they are bsc.cs and bms. I think, getting admission at this percentage for both courses had become tough now. Even today our 2nd merit list was declared and my name wasn’t there. But the point is which course shall i opt. Bsc.cs or bms
    Although i got suggested for bms by a couple of people, but by watching ur comment section i am really confused. And i had opt through ” MUMBAI UNIVERSITY “.
    The colleges i had filled form are thane college, somaiya college & mehta college Airoli
    I hope you will reply me… THANKYOU


    • Again, there’s no need to ‘sir’ me but thanks. Your percentage may be a bit of a downer when it comes to applying in BMS because commerce students have the relative advantage of high scoring subjects. At the end of the day though, you should make a choice based on your interests and not based on percentage.

      At the end of my college I had the option of doing a BSc IT degree. In retrospect, I should have taken that. Because it would have helped me to get into a lot of fields like Quantitative Analysis, Data Science.. Etc. I would recommend that over BMS.

      • If i recollect the line, I probably wrote if possible stay away from MMK and Wilsons. Well, in my experience and opinions from my peers at the time, there are a lot more distractions that studies therein. It may have changed over time, and congratulations for not falling on the wrong side. Keep it up. Also, it’s a rather small college with fewer opportunities for extra curricular activities than Andrew’s. And honestly, after taking admission for graduate courses in any college there’s not really much you can do to change it. So I don’t want to make anyone feel depressed about the choices they’ve made.

  47. Hello sir. I have taken admission for BMS in Jaihind college. I scored 92% in my hsc boards. I have a very big query about the vacant time. The college hours are only 3 to 4 hrs a day. So i was thinking of doing a part time internship. So according to you should i go for it. If yes, can you please help me with it. thankyou.


    • First off, it’s great that you managed to choose BMS in Jai Hind, I think that’s one of the colleges apart from Xaviers that I had penned down to be apt to do BMS from. So congratulations on your percentage and admission. Somehow it seems you have a very futuristic outlook on your career and which is excellent. Internship is paramount in helping you determine which careers you’d prefer and which not. There’s is a slight understanding that you need to have about internships – there are two types. One is full time during holidays (usually summer holidays) and the others are part time ones. The latter are hard to come by.

      However, being a fresher, you can negotiate with just about any full time job for the timings and make them fit for your needs even if it is not outright an internship job. Hope you get what I’m saying – full time Jobs (not internships) can be negotiated to your timings depending on which field you go into. Some places like banks have a legal requirement to be hiring people of a certain age / qualification. Go for places apart from that.

      Lastly, check out a few internship sites like “Let’s Intern” and apply for internships therein. If your college has a summer internship offer, please take it.

      If you don’t get an internship, use the spare time to upskill yourself with any degree that you would otherwise have taken if not for BMS. E. G. If you want to make it in media, take up some media relevant course that teaches you the nuances of handling cameras and stuff like that. Or if you want to do IT, teach yourself programming or data analytics. Sites like Byju, coursera and Unacademy have a lot to offer.

      All the very best!

    • I don’t think doing a job is possible unless it’s a really low paying (lucky if you get well paid) one they offers flexible time fitting with your project work and college. As far as I’ve seen, CAs have managed to complete their articleship. So it may be possible to have some jobs. Use internship sites like let’s intern.

      As for suggestions, I would recommend that you do your projects early. But don’t go for perfection. As long as something gets you good internal marks complete it as soon as possible. Don’t spend additional time trying to do two three days work just for one or two extra marks in internals. It would be better to apply that time to study for your exams not only for the marks but also because the Knowledge that will you glean from the studies will be invaluable. As it is I mention in my posts that BMS doesn’t cover everything in detail. So if there’s something that you do learn, it will be mostly during your study time. This will help you extract the max knowledge that you can from the course and may eventually help you pick a career towards your TY. I hated accounts, but studied and then got hooked on to finance. All the best!

    • It’s not an apple’s to apple’s comparison mind you. Both are separate entities. One is considered for Graduation and the other for Post-Graduation.

      A point I do make is this, it’s pointless to do be doing a BMS course IF you’re considering an MBA. Hope that helps.

      For post BMS options checkout what I have to say in this post: https://quadrosneil.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/truth-about-bms/ This should be more helpful for you.

      Furthermore, in Delhi it’s known as ‘BBA’ not BMS. Googling with that keyword will help you find more delhi relevant searches.

      AFAIK Delhi University would be recommended for BBA considering that they have an honors course. And I do recommend a BBA Honors course given that the specialisations take care of the shortcomings I see in BMS courses in Mumbai.

  48. I am totally comfused dear..kyuki
    That ky krna h 12 k baad..kyuki mujhe creativity se link rehna.nd study k baad bht respectfull salary chaiye.
    So is it bms good for me..or bms karne k baad kon konse stream mai..jobs available hoti..h..or i truly said that i belive u..beacuse u said good as well as the bad points..
    Nd if get job after bms then salary kitni hogi..
    Or koi option h ky..sir.. Plz rly me..
    I like to do field work nd creativity nd job like managing something..sir olz rly me.. Bht badi help hogi sir


  49. I don’t know why are you saying that all vibes which goes to the negative way … And you said about college that it should be good and all then first thing is that college and other things cannot decide our future it’s on ourselves that what we want and what is our goal then whatever will be the college or anything
    You must motivate others not saying like half glass is empty instead of the glass half full …


    • 1. Very clear about why I said the college needs to be “good”… Because they attract good on campus recruitment. On campus recruitment is often better paying than attempting jobs as a fresher in the market.

      2. I speak out of experience. Not only mine. But almost everyone who has done BMS with me. We just don’t see it helping us in our lives given the options we could have taken otherwise.

      Ergo. It is not a simple case of glass half full or half empty. But a case of us having sipped the water and found it to be unpotable or ‘salty’.

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