About Me

Hi My name is Neil.

I’m so glad you stopped by.

I am a 20-something and work at a bank.

If I’m not working, i’m busy having fun with my friends and in the off chance i’m free, i like helping people make better decisions – especially in careers.

Here on my blog you’ll see something occasionally on finance and more on my experiences making choices in my career.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Neil! I am a B.Tech. graduate from IIT, Kharagpur. I went through the post about auditions in Delhi. I am very much passionate about acting. I am request you to tell me where did this audition take place. And, also, If you can provide me with contact details of any casting agency, I’ll be grateful. I hope an early reply from you.

    • Anand thanks for your comment. THis was a way back… around three – four years ago.. Don’t have any contacts of the same right now.. but I’d encourage you to pursue your career in Tech.

  2. Also, u mailed contact details of casting agency to a person named ‘chinki’ in 2010.( I saw this in the commnets), can u please forward that mail to me, too? ( Please take the pain of finding it in your outbox.)

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