Do you have questions about BMS or BBA? Please leave a Comment

I’ve spent 5 years in the field after having done a BMS degree which ended in 2010. Me and a lot of my batch mates have a few opinions to write about the BMS course this summer. The results for HSC 2016 are on 6th June 2016. You have two months to make a choice.

So in that context, I’m open to answer most of the common questions regarding this course. I’ve seen a plenty of questions on a post I’ve written earlier on BMS.

I’ll be consolidating my views and those of my colleagues in a few blog posts. I will do my best to have most of them answered if not all. Stay tuned for the series on BMS in the next couple of months.

In case you’re considering doing a BMS/BBA course, please leave a comment below for any question you would like answered and will include a response in a subsequent blog series.

Typing with all ten fingers on a black keyboard

How-to not end up with Fat-Fore fingers and Bad English.

Typing with all ten fingers on a black keyboard
Typing with all ten fingers

A friend of mine was chatting on the internet with me via Gtalk. She was from a vernacular background (not blaming her) and I noticed most of her IMs were in SMS lingo – Hw r u? Whr r v gng  4 pknik?

She is not the only friend of mine to do that while typing. Many of them resort to using SMS text while typing. I.e. they prefer to write the shorter version of the word rather than the longer and legitimate version of it.

India boasts of a booming IT industry and a lot Software developers have come in from India’s graduates. Yet in while becoming pros at the hardware and software, these pros are getting the fundamental basics of Input wrong – in Typing.

Here’s how the infection occurs:

Stage 1

Some people haven’t don’t get a computer since their childhood. Either because they couldn’t afford it or because computers weren’t the rage back then. They grow up, they get a job themselves, then their first laptop or PC comes in. They are all eager to chat with all their friends, send emails and update their social media etc. Their friend has sent them an Instant Message but they’re still replying to their email. They don’t know where each alphabet is placed.

The urgency to respond is higher than the need for accuracy. These are all fore finger based inputs. They’re looking for the even basic letters on the keyboard.

Stage 2

They look out for more complicated key on the keyboard. Gradually with the fore finger they have brought in the middle finger too (no pun intended). They’re typing is faster. Thumbs get involved to hit the space. It’s now becoming a habit.. to use the wrong fingers for the wrong keys. This is the teen-age stage. People now have a sense of being able to type fast, and with that new-found power, they keep at it.

Stage 3

The disease reaches it’s ‘adult’ stage. They become close to the touch typists speed using three fingers. They however need to gaze down at the keyboard for keys far apart. They do not see the need to replace their current typing style with the recommended one.

[This bit is Fiction] One day they realize that their two fingers are bigger than the other three put together. Doctors also tell them that they might be suffering from bone and tissue damage due to extensive use of those fingers. [End of Fiction]

So what’s the cure for the disease? Or What’s life on the other side of three finger typing?

  1. Learn to place your fingers properly on a keyboard. Using a software like TypingMaster.
  2. You cut away the need to hit the P and the A with your fore finger.. by just not doing it. In case you did it. Hit backspace with your index finger or pinky and use the little finger to type. Force the damn hand.
  3. Don’t skip the vowels, write the whole word. Don’t write “Hw r you”.. write “How the hell are you punk? Where were you the last couple of days??” .. full sentences.

Need outweighs importance. Sometimes you may have to shorten your words. But if you become good at typing, you may find it easy to type the whole word without even thinking about it. i.e. You will soon eliminate the need for short messaging all together.

Just three simple rules to not having your fore fingers swell up like sausages because you’ve been typing with them all your life. You might be able to prevent early arthritis on your fingers doing this, who knows? It also helps when you’re able to type out a whole sentence without using SMS text .. like the sentences in this blog. Gradually your spelling will get better too!

Your colleagues get a lot more done if they typed with all ten fingers, wouldn’t they?

Easter Eggs with happy easter inscribed

My Easter Special Miracle

Easter Eggs with happy easter inscribed

Wishing every one of you a blessed resurrected life.. Happy Easter folks!

This Easter sunday turned out to be much more special than any of the pervious years. This morning I left the laptop bag in the back of the rick I took to church. It wouldn’t have been as bad if it’d been my personal one. This one though, was the church’s and included the data of all our songs and vital spreadsheets of the upcoming camp. Nowadays the data is worth more than the pc itself. To add to the anxiety, it was a special sunday and we would be expecting a lot of guests.

Well, the whole church prayed. We fished out our back up and we waited. Not long before the end of the service a friend tapped me. There was someone outside I needed to see.

There he was, with the laptop and the other bag with it. My joy knew no bounds! Honesty is alive and kicking. I was so grateful. With a bit of faith and a whole church praying, miracles are possible.

There is something extra special about the lost being found on Easter!

Don’t you agree?

11 things I am thankful for this year

Pic by James Almond on Flickr

I really doubt if time passes at the same rate of 24 hrs. per day. It really seems to have zoomed past this year.

2010 has been a year in which I’ve crossed over to a new phase of life. It’s been one hell of a ride. There have been challenges, mistakes and problems staring in the face. In spite of all the crap, there’s always a silver lining. Here’s to 2010.. some (only a part of the whole) of the things I’m really thankful that happened this year:

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How to land your first job in a famous bank : Part 2


Guy putting on his tie
Getting ready for the Interview

My tales of doing things by the book and still not making it the way I should.

Have you landed your interview? Congrats! You made it Read More »

How to land your first job in a famous bank : Part 1

Church Door with Knocker
JOBS: Looking for a door to open?

I hope you’ve read part one of the story right here: Part 1.

When school would get over, it would be like a full tension-released situation.. free for the next two or three months till the next year or college was to start. When you graduate though in India, you’re not looking forward to freedom; you’re looking forward to the job that’s going to imprison you for the next most valuable part of your life. As morbid as this may sound, you actually look forward to it with zeal! I so wanted it too.

With all the tips and the advice in and around, it was overwhelming indeed. As you may have guessed there is no custom made job finding pattern. Sometimes even studying well doesn’t seem to cut it. Well, here’s some more advice.

I tried doing everything by the book you know.. to get my dream job or something close to it. But my story is a bit different.  I did everything and nothing to get my first interview. Did you read this line? Everything and nothing..

What you need to do get an interview in a bank or a Financial Institution

For getting an interview:

  1. Pray: if I didn’t pray, it was surely my parents who kept praying. Praying has a calming effect. It’s kind of like throwing the weight of the job search on the almighty. You know he’s going to work behind the scenes somehow. It’s great to do that, but expecting him to email you with a mail saying “Neil, God has the right job for you, APPLY NOW” is foolish.  For a while that’s what I expected God to do (A bit of exaggeration).Read More »

No Mom .. it’s not a call center!

Thinking Outside the Box
Pic by sun dazed on Flickr

You have to be very careful while choosing some jobs in the cities these days. And after getting it, you need to craft what you tell someone about your job.

Envy, happiness and sympathy are part of three reactions that people will give a person who tells them that he or she is employed at a BPO – one of the most successfulRead More »