What no one tells you about BMS and BBA. The inside scoop from an ex-student.


Bachelor’s of Management studies is a Mumbai university course otherwise known as BBA (Bach. Of Business Administration) across India. Read more on the course content here.

In India, very few students are prudent enough to have a fall back career – or a field of study which they could take when their chosen field is out of reach. I was in that place just over 8 years ago. In the 12th std., I wanted to do something in Medicine, but my scores in the entrance tests (MH CET at the time) were low and those in Biology were not overly impressive. I decided to take an alternative course that was separate from Science because science had already dimaag-ka-dahi-ed my brain.

I was drawn to BMS because of it’s glamour at the time. Reading material on the web I saw that it was a sought-after course for Commerce undergrads. People were giving first preference to BMS and then to BCom/BAF. There was an entrance test too to add to the exclusivity which basically meant the course was hard to get. In my mind, I automatically, and rather foolishly, ascertained that this was a premium course. The course was supposed to have a lot of presentations and was to be the pre-MBA kind of course. Having lost out to engineering and Medicine, I thought eventually getting an MBA would be good for me and here was a course which would make it easier. Also, I loved giving presentations and had a knack for public speaking.

I wouldn’t have gotten in to BMS if it was not for the Mumbai University to scrap entrance tests in 2008 – because of low demand – a fact that in retrospect I should have thought over.

I graduated in 2010. By God’s grace I had much fun in the course over three years. It was a cakewalk for me personally. It is very important to have decent classmates. They make all the assignments and group work easier. Thereafter some of us got jobs ourselves while others were recruited on campus.

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Do you have questions about BMS or BBA? Please leave a Comment

I’ve spent 5 years in the field after having done a BMS degree which ended in 2010. Me and a lot of my batch mates have a few opinions to write about the BMS course this summer. The results for HSC 2016 are on 6th June 2016. You have two months to make a choice.

So in that context, I’m open to answer most of the common questions regarding this course. I’ve seen a plenty of questions on a post I’ve written earlier on BMS.

I’ll be consolidating my views and those of my colleagues in a few blog posts. I will do my best to have most of them answered if not all. Stay tuned for the series on BMS in the next couple of months.

In case you’re considering doing a BMS/BBA course, please leave a comment below for any question you would like answered and will include a response in a subsequent blog series.

6 Things to keep in mind before joining BMS

UPDATE: This post was a rather satirical/sardonic view of BMS at time when I had just finished college. 5 years hence, people in the comments pointed out my views seemed different, however far from it, I actually implored people to stay away from BMS from the start. Reading the title of this post you’d know that this is a cautionary (stay away if possible) post. Regardless, because of the confusion and the number of comments surrounding my views on BMS, I have just recently put up a post  completely panning the BMS/BBA courses for reasons mentioned therein. Rest assured I have more than 6 reasons. 

BMS or Bachelor of Management studies, is a relatively new course brought out by the University of Mumbai. This is a course designed to give that sharper edge for candidates to manage a business right after they graduate. It’s a very rich course and has a huge advantage over the traditional B.Com degree due to the wide array of topics it covers – from Exports and International Finance to Production and Human Resource, from Finance to Inventory and practical projects etc . This is the all-in-one course designed to make you stand as a ‘demi-MBA’ among the graduates. So if you’ve picked the newly discovered ‘scientophobia’ (fear of Science 😛 ) or if you want to go a level higher than arts and don’t want stick into the rut of Commerce, BMS is the solution for you! All the same you might be that hard-working, talented individual too, but it really doesn’t matter, BMS is a ‘one size fits all’ course.

Before you hop on the BMS bandwagon, please keep in mind the following things. This is just a word of caution for you and all your fellow batch mates so that you don’t find yourself wishing you were doing a simple Arts degree.

Don’t make a mistake following the rat race (by antwerpenR, Flickr)

Caution #1
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My slack time is coming to an end, for good

Cat sleeping resting
Over-sleeping is not cool any longer

I loved my school vacations. College vacations were even more fun. There was absolutely nothing to do and nothing to look forward to accept more and more studies at the end of it. Now, 15 years after I first began school, comes a truth: Read More »

A holiday with a difference

The exams are over! They went as quickly as they came. Before I realized it, I was writing the last paper.  Before anything I want to thank God for His faithfulness in the exams. All my papers went well and I’m SURE of passing this time. Last time, I was skeptical about one paper which I eventually passed. My first three papers were great, fourth was ok, fifth was excellent and sixth was miserable.

Quite a few people had been praying and I think their prayers paid off since it was the first time that I managed to complete my papers, and get four sums in maths right in a row. Trust me, till that day I had never managed to do well in maths yet that time around it was so different. I actually did well in maths. Well marks are a different matter but I know that my efforts will be rewarded.

Going for tutions had their payoffs in two papers but nothing would have prepared me for my last paper – of all the papers – Finance. Messed it up royally. There was an ambiguous question on investments. Based on the statements given there, I assumed it was something on Capital Investment. Turns out it was something on Term Loans.

There’s still so much I can thank God for. I’m one of the few million graduating this year, in my very first attempt, without any backlogs (KTs), from a famous course and at the age of 20!

Now I have a month and a half of holidays. There is a big list of things that I have planned to do. I just want it to be done. These holidays will be more productive than any of my previous holidays. I want to update my church website, blog, social media, create a new newsletter design, revamp something at home, etc.

One of the things that I want to do this time is narrow down on the themes for this blog. I’ve got a few on my mind and will just make a few choices to fit them here. So look out for more applicable and useful posts in a month from now. Of course I will be blogging about my experiences too, yet I wish to apply a few lenses to better the reading experience.

Looking forward to the coming weeks! Have a great summer 🙂

Marketing Research

College is ending. And this is the last of the projects that we’ve had over the years. It’s on Energy Drinks and why people prefer them to soft drinks. I’ve covered questions like ‘how do you rate the advertising of Energy drinks’ and ‘would you buy an energy drink instead of a soft drink if the price were to reduce?’.

Our professor wanted us to get a sample size of 100 for this project. After much coaxing she brought it down to 50. Thanks to my friends on Facebook, I’ve got 40 done so far.

Do have a look at the questionnaire and feel free to take the survey right here: http://bit.ly/aRgeTj

The one thing I’ve wanted to hit at through this project is the fact that Energy Drinks are heavily overpriced in India. And if they want a wider customer base, slight changes in their pricing system  could bring them higher sales than Soft drinks.

The whole project was done along with the teaching in class. So there was nothing we were doing that wasn’t taught to us. Our professor arranged it well. But she hasn’t given us a detailed format for the report which we have to submit this Thursday. Hopefully, she accepts what we give her. Fingers crossed.! 😉

This is the last week of college. One of the tightest weeks we’ve ever had! A viva with our DEAN tomorrow on International Finance, a test on Bonus Shares on Thursday, Marketing Research report, and IMTP questionnaires submission on Friday. Class photograph on Wednesday. Life just doesn’t get any worse does it? Prelims a week later. Phew.

Two teaspoons sugar and a pinch of lime

Today was the height of it. We hadn’t got our power point ready at all. No one knew the speeches at all. To top it off, the professor was yelling at us for the presentations starting late. What a way to start my last presentation in college.

About a month ago we were blessed with the audacious assignment of coming up with a new product which you may have read about in my previous posts. We came up with numerous ideas for project: Here are some of the ideas we had for our new product in Entrepreneurship:

  1. Space for bands to practice ‘Jam Stations’
  2. Broom (Indian Jhadu) with a vacuum cleaner
  3. Shoes with Torches on them to help trekkers and villagers see while walking
  4. Electric and Portable Tiffin box warmers.
  5. Packaged coconut water (it’s available in plenty)
  6. Packaged Samosa fillings


All of them were sequentially shot down by our professor either because they were already available or because they would be a flop. In the end, one of my group member’s who’d been to a place in Pune, Maharashtra, told us of a sandwich that he’d eaten. It was covered in chocolate and was filled with it too. We thought the idea was yummy and told our professor about it. She agreed! Not long thereafter a friend of ours told us that this product or a variant of it was already available in the market. Back to square one? No, he said he wouldn’t blow the whistle. Thank heavens. 🙂

Chocolate Sandwiches
Chocolate Sandwiches : The best we could come up with!

My friend Madhu and I, worked our bu**s off last night on 2 year’s vertical revenue statements and 12 month’s sales estimates. Oh and graphs too. The rest of the group covered the manufacturing and promotion aspect of the product in brief. We left Madhu’s place after working together for 12 hours straight,  at 12.30am in the night. That is very late! Came home and slept for what seemed like a moment getting up for the presentation at 6.30am. Read More »