Legal What not

Disclaimer: (among other things..)

The words written on my blog are not etched in stone. At the same time, they’re mine (unless mentioned otherwise) and it’d be really appreciated if you could link back the text, ideas and other media you use as a result of going through this site.

In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time…which of course means that I have an open mind. This blog is intended to give you a peek into what runs in my brain at a certain point of time.. and if the time goes on and my thoughts and ideas change while my posts don’t, I can’t be held responsible.

I may make mistakes with the information I provide on my blog. It’s either my interpretation or the source of the information that’s flawed. The writer cannot be held responsible for what you do with the information that’s put up here.

The posts are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back. And I cannot be held responsible for what I say or write on this post.

My  intention is to do no harm. “Harm” is subject to interpretation not facts. It’s my opinion and advice, not counsel. What I write on my blog is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If people use my advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured, I am not to be held responsible.

Please use your discretion when following advice on my blog or any other. I may have lost a nut in the future and pen down something or some hacker may find a new way of infiltrating my website. Whatever the case, user discretion is advised. Please try this statement at home.

I am not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says on my blog in the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in my country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.

As a newbie blogger I quote stuff from a lot of different media and other blogs as well. I even use pics that are allowed under certain licenses. Please note that the media, logos, or other proprietary info on this blog if not mine, are the property of the respective owners mentioned here by reference.

The media here is not intended to cause harm or offend anyone. Hence, neither can I be made liable for any offense relating to them. Files, programs and other downloads (including the blog itself) are downloaded at your own risk and cannot make me liable for harm caused by it.

Under no circumstances should anyone else be held responsible for the content on my blog. If you think my blog implies a representation of the people, companies , media, etc. mentioned here.. you are squarely mistaken and I cannot and will not do anything for such a fallacy of yours.

Relating to international and cultural laws, I cannot be held responsible for any law outside Mumbai, just because you read my blog from there. That is, I am not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.

I’m human after all, so if I ever fail to neither mention you nor give you due credit for anything that you feel is yours, or have blatantly plagiarized and probably stolen something … please let me know in the comments or via email. I will validate, debate and get back to you on it. Apologies and/or action may or may not be included.

If ever you succeed in bringing litigation against me, or in any other case whatsoever, the limit of damages reimbursed are capped to only half a month’s pay of my salay that preceeds the month where in I hear of your case and subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only. If you think that’s cheap, go make your own blog.

If I post something here that you find helpful to apply in your own work and life, that’s wonderful. But when rubber hits the road: This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone. This weblog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer.

And in case I ever say something silly in the future or have a foot-in-mouth situation, it’s better to be able to point out that the foot is mine, and mine alone. My foot, You can’t have it. 🙂

Have fun reading my blog. If there’s anything that you think I err in, please leave me a comment or an email so we can sort it out before making it a full blown issue.


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