Do you have questions about BMS or BBA? Please leave a Comment

I’ve spent 5 years in the field after having done a BMS degree which ended in 2010. Me and a lot of my batch mates have a few opinions to write about the BMS course this summer. The results for HSC 2016 are on 6th June 2016. You have two months to make a choice.

So in that context, I’m open to answer most of the common questions regarding this course. I’ve seen a plenty of questions on a post I’ve written earlier on BMS.

I’ll be consolidating my views and those of my colleagues in a few blog posts. I will do my best to have most of them answered if not all. Stay tuned for the series on BMS in the next couple of months.

In case you’re considering doing a BMS/BBA course, please leave a comment below for any question you would like answered and will include a response in a subsequent blog series.


31 thoughts on “Do you have questions about BMS or BBA? Please leave a Comment

  1. Hello sir .. My 12th vacations are going on and I’m planning to do CS .. So is bms a good option with it.. And is there any scope for bms nowadays ( if done from xaviers ) ? .. And which is a better option with CS .. Bms or bcom..? Please guide me,.

  2. Hi Neil,
    i m a BMS student ,done with FY. In SY we have to select specialization(Finance,marketing,HR). I have done my 12th from science stream (PCM). Can i go for finance? i am afraid that, because i am not from commerce stream,i will face problem in future.

    • I don’t think that’s any problem. I’m a PCB 12th. I think you’ll manage just fine. From experience though, don’t excuse yourself from learning accounts just because you didn’t do Secretarial Practice (Accounts) in 12th. I would recommend buying a CA CPT entrance book from a book shop and going through it over the summer. It will more than adequately bring you up to date with accounting. And I would always recommend Finance over Marketing in BMS.

  3. As i gave comment before in the previous blog
    I’m confused Mr.Neil as you recommend not to opt for bms anymore.may i know why sir cuz idk i think bms is a new cource in the market and must be valuable as rarely selected by the student can you plz give a light on this…and as on future career i’m confused weather to opt for either bba or bms as i thought of doing MBA in foreign…suggest something sir!

    • Sorry I have an exam due in the first week of June. I was to have a post up by now but studies have taken over. In case in June if I forget, just DM me on twitter or comment again. I’ll have the post up thereafter for sure. The draft is ready.

  4. Hi,
    I had the BMS course in my mind but I still wanted to check other people’s review and opinion on it. So I read your last article about BMS and I was excited. But then you mentioned about why BMS isn’t that good anymore or that it has downgraded…I would really like to know your opinion on it cause’ you have a better experience with it.
    I’m eagerly waiting for the next article for I’m now confused… Please post it ASAP.

    • Thanks. My article initially was a word of caution or eye opener for people who wanted to do BMS. The article was written at the time I was in college. My views have not changed, they’ve improved thereafter.

      I not only caution people now, I tell them to go only if… Certain conditions are fulfilled.

      I hope to do some justice to my opinion in my post. However Regrettably I will not be able to post it before 4th June due to an exam. Will surely have it up within a day or two thereafter. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Hey I m a bit confused…in previous comments u somewhere mentioned that a BMS get same paid as a BCom fresher than what’s the meaning of spending more money in BMS if ur getting paid as same as a BCom fresher???Plz help me

    • This is from a banking finance/ perspective. The jobs I’ve seen there in pay on par. But to get the job, a BMS candidate actually has no advantage even though the course is supposed to be better than BCom. Because companies hiring for banks and financial services usually prefer someone who knows accounts well. A BCom has an edge in that regard. Hence it’s pointless from my perspective to do BMS and get into a bank because the knowledge you’ve gained over the three years doesn’t apply at all. Furthermore, BAF BFM etc. Courses would be better in comparison to vanilla BCom and definitely score over BMS for finance jobs.

      One can apply the same analogy to media / marketing jobs where BMM students will be better placed than BMS students. Hope that clarifies.

      I would like you to point if you found any contradiction in the post vs my comments and I’ll be happy to update it.

  6. Hello,
    The results have been announced for HSC and I’m still stuck between choices. At first, I decided to go for BMS but then I thought to have a look at what others have an opinion about this field. I read your article and found it good and helpful. But then after reading comments you mentioned about how BMS isn’t that great anymore, etc. I’d really like to know what’s the reason behind your statement. I’ve been checking this website again and again for the new article… Please post it ASAP cause’ admission forms will be out tomorrow o_o

    It would mean a lot to us if you post the article! Good luck for your exams.

    • It may. I certainly imagine Ruparel attracting better corporates than the Suburban colleges. I do not have factual data on this though. It may help to check with some former Ruparel Alumni. The best ones would be in the SYBMS attending college. You could wait for some to come to the cafeteria and ask them. (It’s not entirely stalking but worth a try if you’re in need of first hand data).

  7. Hii sir …I have huge interset in sports and i am thinking o pursue sports management as a career . since most college in India offer pgdm for it. So I thought to pursue bba to get the overall knowledge about management . I am from sci stream (pcm) and thus have doubts whether its a good choice or not. Plz guide as ASAP.

    • It’s a decent choice. A friend of mine actually did the exact same thing. He did the sports management course (mba I think) from Melbourne University in Australia.

  8. hiii…. my dad is a entrepreneur. I am in 12th. I want to know which degree would be beneficial for me in the future to continue his business

  9. Hi……can u suggest some good course as my son is in 12th commerce at present …even we were thinking for bms or bba but after reading ur opinion abt it now we r confuse what to do …….he wanted to do something in business management n finance……thanks in advance

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. I would recommend doing a core finance degree like BAF BACHELOR’S in accounts and finance that is. Typing from my phone. Sorry. Also, BCom is still a good option if clubbed with CA. I personally think CA is quite relevant as it then opens up doors later on to either do a CFA (Investments) or CPA (US ka CA). I must mention though that one of my friends is doing his Mcom with an ‘ACCA’ degree which is applicable in 150 countries. You may check that out too. I would recommend completely staying away from BMS if you plan on having your son doing anything in finance. This very little covered in it. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers.

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