The Story of Bottled Water

Please do watch the video.

According to me,  shows two main things:Read More »

Good at Bargaining? How do you do it?

Vendor selling flowers in South India on the Street
Do you bargain for everything?

Vendor: Spring Onions 10 Rs.
Me: Give me two for 15
Vendor: 18
Me: 17
Vendor: OK
(Give him 20 bucks)
Vendor: I got only 2.50 Rs. ChangeRead More »

The effect of restrictions on F1

I don’t want to become an F1 commentator or a critic. But I love that sport and there’s a lot more to it than just ‘driving round the track a hundred times’ as some people say.

Felipe Massa hits Vitantonio Liuzzi
Felipe Massa hits Vitantonio Liuzzi

Last year, grace a la recession, the FIA (Federation Internationale d’Automobile) introduced some restrictions for teams and manufacturers a few of which have been mentioned here.Read More »

Got a high percentage? Science may still not be for you.

Paddling up the stream or river and going with the flow
Which stream will you choose?

There  is a general notion among SSC pass-outs about taking Science as a stream for studies.

Arts, Commerce or Science are the three choices that a student has available to choose from to complete his or her undergraduate studiesRead More »

7 Reasons Why you should watch the World Cup

You don’t usually like football, know nothing about who Zidane was, who Messi is and what Ronaldo could do. Neither do you know that La Liga is a Spanish League and EPL is from England. But in spite of all that, you turn on the Tube for the next 31 days to watch the most fascinating series ever – The 2010 Football World Cup. At 1730hrs IST, the World Cup begins on ESPN with the opening ceremony followed by the first match between South Africa & Mexico.

Fan Someone watching the football world cup
Watching the World Cup?

Some people say football is too simple, it’s too boring and the goals come after a long time. Read More »

The Net don’t stop for no reason

Picture of Fustration
Photo by Flickr User music2work2

I have had these funny encounters with the net at my place. It keeps going on and off sometimes without reason. And sometimes it can get frustrating. However there have been two situations where I’ve seen something really amazing.

Situation #1 It was Sunday. We usually record the messages preached on that day and upload it to the web right there and there using our hotel’s WiFi. Read More »

Who’s right and who’s wrong? A Scary Situation.

Recently in F1, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel part of the Red Bull F1 racing team were all set to take a 1-2 victory in the Turkish Grand Prix. There were around 17 laps to go when the younger of the two drivers, Sebastian made a move on the dirty side of the track over team-mate and race leader Mark Webber. Mark refused to give him any space, while Sebastian felt he had nailed the spot and maneuvered his car to the clean part of the track and in the process colliding with the unrelenting Aussie. In effect, Sebastian spun out of the race into retirement while Mark owing to the scuffle, lost track position to both the chasing Mclarens. The race eventually ended with a gift-wrapped 1-2 for the Mclaren team and only a consolation of a third place for Mark Webber.

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