How to land your first job in a famous bank : Part 1

Church Door with Knocker
JOBS: Looking for a door to open?

I hope you’ve read part one of the story right here: Part 1.

When school would get over, it would be like a full tension-released situation.. free for the next two or three months till the next year or college was to start. When you graduate though in India, you’re not looking forward to freedom; you’re looking forward to the job that’s going to imprison you for the next most valuable part of your life. As morbid as this may sound, you actually look forward to it with zeal! I so wanted it too.

With all the tips and the advice in and around, it was overwhelming indeed. As you may have guessed there is no custom made job finding pattern. Sometimes even studying well doesn’t seem to cut it. Well, here’s some more advice.

I tried doing everything by the book you know.. to get my dream job or something close to it. But my story is a bit different.  I did everything and nothing to get my first interview. Did you read this line? Everything and nothing..

What you need to do get an interview in a bank or a Financial Institution

For getting an interview:

  1. Pray: if I didn’t pray, it was surely my parents who kept praying. Praying has a calming effect. It’s kind of like throwing the weight of the job search on the almighty. You know he’s going to work behind the scenes somehow. It’s great to do that, but expecting him to email you with a mail saying “Neil, God has the right job for you, APPLY NOW” is foolish.  For a while that’s what I expected God to do (A bit of exaggeration).Read More »

No Mom .. it’s not a call center!

Thinking Outside the Box
Pic by sun dazed on Flickr

You have to be very careful while choosing some jobs in the cities these days. And after getting it, you need to craft what you tell someone about your job.

Envy, happiness and sympathy are part of three reactions that people will give a person who tells them that he or she is employed at a BPO – one of the most successfulRead More »

The Church: A Mega Social-Networking Utility

We all need to socialize.

Have you realised how pointless Facebook is becoming to some? Is it becoming boring to you? Just Google ‘Facebook boring’ and you will get a hundred results and more telling you why Facebook is dying. One theory I like is the one in which the more friends you have the more secretive you become about the information you share. Well, true to an extent. But the way I see it is the more friends you have, the more information you’d want to share! Albeit a bit carefully. Read More »

The missing ingredient: My Omelette Revelation

Something's missing here.

Question: How did the eggs leave the highway?
Answer: They went through the “Eggs-it “

I had a small but silly experience while eating an omelette in an Indian restaurant a few weeks back. Read More »

Confessions of the Church PA Guy : Part 1

Church Sound Desk example
Our church Sound-Desk is way smaller.

This post is a break from previous write-ups as I put the ‘personal’ back into this personal blog of mine. I hope you enjoy reading. Just a head’s up – it’s written in PA system lingo. ( FYI:  PA system is the Public Address System)

Part 1

It’s pretty hot outside, and I’m pretty glad I’m sitting in the service all morning. There are cartoons, special Sunday morning movies on TV, a nice Sunday Special newspaper to read all of which I’d love to do. But sitting in the AC and waiting for the meeting to start is an experience in itself.

Read More »

My slack time is coming to an end, for good

Cat sleeping resting
Over-sleeping is not cool any longer

I loved my school vacations. College vacations were even more fun. There was absolutely nothing to do and nothing to look forward to accept more and more studies at the end of it. Now, 15 years after I first began school, comes a truth: Read More »