UPCOMING: The final nail in the BMS coffin; BBA is better than BMS.

You can expect a post on the above headline in this week based on my learnings about the two courses in the past month.

As I’ve always maintained, BMS is a Mumbai focused course and some colleges here have just branded it as BBA like old wine in a new bottle. And it is POINTLESS to do BMS in Mumbai.

The scene outside Mumbai though, as I’ve come to understand, is much more optimistic with BBA being a course that really has good career options and strong curriculum, especially in Delhi.

I’m putting something together on that for the readers (that is you) to make a more informed decision. So stay tuned for a post anytime this week. Follow the blog using WordPress to have the post delivered to your email directly.


2 thoughts on “UPCOMING: The final nail in the BMS coffin; BBA is better than BMS.

  1. hey, i after passing 12th science 53.08% (i hated science) in 2014
    i decided to take bms
    2 months in , i didn’t know what got into me , maybe it was my lack of confidence since most of the students were 12th commerce i was from science i got scared and panicked into going to bsc it i got a transfer into bsc it just because i was interested in it
    fy drop year i had tutions for maths and cleared all kts but with just passing marks
    FY kt in almost all subjects , drop year ,
    my problem was still is i couldn’t even pass in writing the theory papers , i didnt know how to prepare notes and write the answers
    the books were so vast , and i just couldn’t clear out basics
    SY kt again all subjects except two
    two drop years
    now come 2017
    im thinking of changing the field , i took bsc it because it was different from science i had to struggle a lot even to get passing grades i have options of either continuing and complete it which is 2 years or switching to bms or b com as it is comparatively easy to pass ,
    so my bsc it if i continue further will take 5 years in total that is two years from now
    and bms b.com 3 years from now
    If you’re in Mumbai can we meet
    or a call , i don’t have much time left to decide
    i need URGENT replies

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