Why I recommend this phone (And why you could try it out too): Wammy Titan 2

I wanted a white phone – ever since I was given my first phone they have all been black. The last phone I went to the store to buy, they were out of stock on the white ones and I didn’t want to wait.

This time I waited and waited – for the Micromax Canvas HD. But their marketing techniques – aargh – they didn’t release enough phones into the market. Every now and then I went to the snap deal website they were sold out. I had a bookmark for that snap deal website. How lame is that. And the phones which would be available would be available only in black. I’d had enough.

I wanted a big white phone that was cheap – the Wammy Titan 2 was my answer. It has more features than that of the Samsung Galaxy Grand and cost substantially less – 13k for a 5.3 inch screen phone. It’s a steal I tell you. I purchased the phone from their HOPELESS website that looks akin to what pre-2000 websites look like. And they partially messed my order – they didn’t convert my order into an EMI even though I ticked the option on the website. But the package was delivered nonetheless.

After using the phone for more than three months now I tell you one thing – it’s a beauty! The performance has been super! I have not had a SINGLE hang until now. And that’s saying a lot for a guy who knows how to rip his phone ( rip like in .. Ripping an engine… :P) Much credit would go to the Jelly Bean OS and the 1.2 GHz processor (which is faster than my old P4 PC).

The applications on my phone work without a hang. I’ve been playing subway surfer and Transformers without lags. The screen bodes well for reading blogs and books. I’ve become quite a big mobile surfer. The other features like wifi, tethering, bluetooth headset connectivity all have no issues – surprising for a phone with a chinese descent.

I would like to advocate this phone enough to tell you that it overcomes some of it’s weaknesses. One being that it’s not branded… at all! You will have a tough time explaining to people who the phone is “Like Micromax and Karbonn in cost and specs.. It’s called Wickedleak Wammy Titan 2” and people go like ZZzzzzz. It’s a bigger pain than you think.

Second, it does not charge so well on other chargers (especially since my entire office works on Samsung chargers). Samsung chargers are a bit ‘loose’ for this device and you need to use the mini USB that comes with the package. Having said that, let me please mention that the phone has one of the biggest batteries – 2300 mAH. The ones on the Micromax HD are 2100 mAH. And that’s enough juice to get me through 1 ½ day on more than moderate 3G/wifi use without requiring a charge!

That’s about it on the negatives! ☺ The sound quality of the phone for music is pretty damn decent but you need to connect the Samsung in-ear headphones to get good sound. The packaged ones are not worth noting. For typing, I recommend you use the ‘Swift Key’ keyboard. It’s one of the best. You can use both thumbs for typing and it’s super fast. It even types Hinglish!

The post is dedicated to everyone I’ve met who fell asleep when I explained where my phone was from! 

For those who’d like an in-depth tech review of 2014 CFA Level 2 Secret Sauce Click here. http://tech2.in.com/reviews/smartphones/wickedleak-wammy-titan-ii-review/854892

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