[HOW TO] Turn your Android Device into a WiFi Hotspot

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Pic for representation only – I don’t really have a Nexus! :)

Back in the days when the iPhone was first launched, a large portion of buyers found that the missing Bluetooth feature inexcusable. Samsung learnt from Apple’s mistakes and the new galaxy range of phones has a feature that I have really come to love – The WiFi hub feature. It’s also called as MiFi by some.

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Y last October at a time when mobile prices were lower than what they ended up being towards the end of the year – at around 6800INR. The phone was with every penny for its other features ..the one that helped me the most was the Wireless Hotspot or the WiFi hub. It’s available in most new android phones now and you may just need to check your phone’s manual to see if your phone has it.

How it works: Say you have a PC, tablet or laptop that connects to a WiFi confection and you have a working data connection on your phone – 3G or ordinary. With the Samsung galaxy phones you activate the WiFi hotspot feature and just connect your laptop to the net.

If you have 3G your new hotspot will probably even faster than your broadband connection.

How to activate: For Samsung galaxy android owners, just first start your data connection by going to Settings > Wireless & Networks> Mobile networks > Turn on ‘packet data’

Next start the hotspot by going to Settings > Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > turn on ‘portable wifi’. Give your network a name.

Important: Don’t forget to add a password to your network as any one could connect to it.

Now connect your laptop to the available WiFi network after finding the network you just set up.


1. You don’t need a 3G dongle anymore of you’re satisfied with the battery life and network support. The dongles usually cost around 1000 more and come with limited data plans. Save all that, use your phone.

2. If you shift to a new location like I just did, and your broadband hasn’t been connected yet, this could be an alternative connection. At my place, we’ve used the connection to stream the IPL Matches! It works amazingly.

3. The middle-of-nowhere net facility. I was in Pune earlier this month, and one of the guys I was working with needed a file urgently. Not that the city of Pune hasn’t got any cybercafes but we needed it at 6am in the morning. The phone made sure we got the file.

A phone as a WiFi hotspotĀ  might lose battery relatively quickly, however its use will cover that up.

Try it out. And do leave a comment if the feature is happening got you!

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3 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Turn your Android Device into a WiFi Hotspot

  1. Thanks mate, that’s a pretty nice application of an Android Phone. Since you have been using this feature and have been using it for a long time, I jus want to ask, how much impact does it make on battery. May we keep the phone as hot-spot connectivity for a Tab.

    • It’s hits the battery alright.. you get only two or three hours of juice from your phone if you keep the 3G hotspot turned on and are using it. But as you can connect it by way of USB cable or Charger while using this function.

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