The missing ingredient: My Omelette Revelation

Something's missing here.

Question: How did the eggs leave the highway?
Answer: They went through the “Eggs-it “

I had a small but silly experience while eating an omelette in an Indian restaurant a few weeks back. India is known for some really great food and I personally love the Indian cuisine’s flavours and spices. There are vast numbers of dishes and variations of the same often within a block of each other. However, on a whole, India is the land of the vegetarians and the meat eaters are a minority here.

As I sat with my family on one fine day, in famous restaurant to have breakfast, I ordered an omelette. I’ve been eating omelets like this for years and never have I noticed anything. While eating this one though, I noticed that it was a bit too tough and bland too. I added salt to it and that solved the issue. But I still felt something was lacking. I casually told my mom, “I think they put fewer eggs in my omelette”. My mum gave me a look that was good reason to shut up and eat quietly.

At the end of the meal, I asked my dad why. He laughed and said, “Son, the restaurant is vegetarian”. I was like ok? “There were no eggs in your omelette at all. And you don’t talk about meats in the restaurant”. Surprised, I replied “So what made it look yellow then?” Mum replied “Channa Atta (Gram flour)”. I imagined myself with a ‘jackass’ sign painted on my forehead.

Memories came back to me of the times I proudly ordered the dish in many of my favourite restaurants. Every time I ate it, I always thought it had eggs. It never once occurred to me that there would be Channa Atta instead of eggs in there. I mean how is an omelette, named an omelette if it has no eggs?

This is one of the reasons I want to visit countries abroad – because vegetarians are a hapless lot here. Sometimes instead of putting chicken in your Biryani there’s actually Crow and Pigeon meat. And for your street cooked Chinese, there have been cases of “Chicken fried rice” having rat meat. Yep. Sorry it grosses you out.

If you go to someone’s house in India and they offer you a non-veg curry, bless them! They’re the few who make meat and are sure to put in what they’ve told you.

I hope you haven’t had any ‘tube light’ moments like these while dining!

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3 thoughts on “The missing ingredient: My Omelette Revelation

  1. Oh my goodness, I think I’m going to be sick after looking at those rats. However…there was one irony. The pictures were from a restaurant in Canada. 😉

  2. That’s a cleaner view. You don’t want to see the local version of that – with open drains and all… you won’t eat here ever! 😛

    How is Japan? Oh please do put up some posts.. looking forward to read more on your visits.

  3. lol I looked at it again to show a friend and I think I really AM going to be sick. haha And you’re right…no local versions please. I like not knowing what I’m eating. 😀

    Japan is great. I know I really need to post. I probably will on Friday or this weekend. We’ve been crazy busy. AND it’s a fight for the computer because there are 3 of us sharing one internet line. 😀

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