My slack time is coming to an end, for good

Cat sleeping resting
Over-sleeping is not cool any longer

I loved my school vacations. College vacations were even more fun. There was absolutely nothing to do and nothing to look forward to accept more and more studies at the end of it. Now, 15 years after I first began school, comes a truth: Summer time’s going, going, gone! Work life incoming.

The three dedicated months of holidays that we had to enjoy each year are not going to repeat. All of us graduates wait to get our first jobs. Some who are not looking out for jobs are studying hard to get a good MBA college.

Holidays will be income-tied from now on, and casual leave will pinch sometimes. Bunking is a definite no-no. And long-leave absentees will require more than a medical certificate. The time that I now have, which precedes the results in about a month, is the only time I can officially be allowed to laze around. But now even that feels uneasy. More and more the dawning of the day of work comes closer. I’m anxious, I’m excited. The next two months are going to be so exciting when I get my first job!

What am I doing in the meanwhile? A lot! I am reading some real heavy books on management, going over some previous years’ text books, taking courses on some new things, learning a new language, get my licenses etc. Maybe there won’t be enough time to do these things later.

I now understand why adults were always ‘busy’ when I was a kid. Managing time has gone to a whole new level.

How did you take your transition into the work life?


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