Handy tips: Updating via Email may help you someday

Twitter bird stop sign blocked in china pakistan
Twitter and many other sites are often blocked or Fire-walled.

Friends of ours are visiting China and they somehow managed to update us through mail saying “We can’t log into Facebook from here”. A while ago, during the week preceding the Chinese Grand prix Karun Chandhok was informed that there is no twitter access in China. When he arrived there though, some Chinese fans showed him the alternate website which he could use to tweet from China. Recently we also heard Pakistan blocking twitter and facebook.

I’ve been discounting the importance of the alternatives that we have available to tweet, blog and update our statuses here in India. Maybe someday if we were caught in a situation where access to twitter and Facebook was banned, we could probably use these following tools. And none of it requires any sharp knowledge. You need to do a little bit of looking around.

  1. Update facebook status via email: As my friend mentioned, she couldn’t log into Facebook. So in case you have the trouble with that, make sure all  your notifications are emailed to you and most of all, get the special email address. Go to this link : http://www.facebook.com/mobile/ towards the bottom, you will see ‘Upload via email’. Get that email address mailed to you using the option nearby. If you email something to that, it updates your facebook status. You can use this email to upload photos, videos etc.
  2. Update your blog via email : WordPress has an option for uploading a blog post via email. It’s a very nifty tool. I use it from my phone sometimes. Some others may also use Blogmailr to update their other blogs.
  3. Update twitter via Twittermail : Twittermail gives you a super secret email address and like the above two options you can also send updates to twitter via email.

So, if you’re stuck in a country that bans twitter/facebook/blogging and you want to get the message out to the masses, these alternatives should come in handy. And I’m not too sure if you can use these at workplaces too. It’s worth checking out though!

Have you had any similar problems with firewalls and blocked websites? How did you work around them?


2 thoughts on “Handy tips: Updating via Email may help you someday

  1. Cheers for this. I am in the UK now. I move to Shanghai next month. I will start my blog next week when I begin my travels.

    • Hi Mr. Marsh!

      Glad you liked it.. All the best for your trip! Look out for the blue-roofed houses there in China. Signifying the blue skies. Only the emperor has yellow roofs as I hear.

      God bless,

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