The Story of Bottled Water

Please do watch the video.

According to me,  shows two main things:

  1. Tap water is probably as good as Bottled water in some cases
  2. Lots of Plastic is dumped in India from abroad.

I was really surprised with the last bit. Does India really become a dumping ground for other countries? I hope the governments allows dumping of  the waste bottles here because its cheaper source of plastic. But still, ugh!

As for tap water being better than bottled water, I’d agree in most cases. Again you can’t make a definitive statement about that. But her’s a pic of some of us drinking from a stream in the mountains of Munnar, Kerala. The water was very sweet and no tummy trouble after that.

Does the pic remind you of Gideon’s battle against the Midianites?

Drinking water from a pure stream in Munnar
Anyone remember Gideon's Story?

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