Got a high percentage? Science may still not be for you.

Paddling up the stream or river and going with the flow
Which stream will you choose?

There  is a general notion among SSC pass-outs about taking Science as a stream for studies.

Arts, Commerce or Science are the three choices that a student has available to choose from to complete his or her undergraduate studies i.e. the 11th to 12th grade. Over here, most of the time, the percentage cut offs, are highest for Science and descend thereon from Commerce to Arts.

It’s the Indian custom, that a girl or boy scoring very well in their 10th Grade or SSC exams, especially in the subjects of Math and Science should take the science stream.

Also there is another belief in our land, that children who take Science are the smartest and the knowledge level is lower and commerce and least in Arts. It’s just that the society’s best perceived jobs – a Doctor’s and an Engineer’s can only be acquired after studying Science. To study them, naturally you need a higher learning capacity or IQ.

Is it then true, that the other courses are inferior in terms of quality of education? Not really. Every undergraduate course has its own separate strength as well as weakness in terms of curriculum taught. And even a smart student can move into any of the other streams and do well. But that won’t change the mindset of Indian parents who see the Science stream as the best option. And maybe not the parents, but the children sometimes feel they can prove something by doing Science.

I was one of those kids. Scoring 136/150 in Science, I was on top of the world. I chose Science with my eyes closed although I had no idea of the careers available after that. After I breezed through my 11th, I faced the real chunk of studies only in the 12th grade when along with Studying for the HSC exam, we were to study for the Medical Entrance tests as well. Couldn’t handle the strain. And Maths didn’t help. Eventually I ended up choosing BMS (a commerce-based stream) after my 12th exams.

The Arts stream is a good choice for those who are creative. One of my school classmates, who would top nearly every exam since the 1st grade, chose Arts as her undergraduate stream although on paper, she was well suited to take Science. She is now really showing off her talent doing a course in animation alongside. Another friend of mine from School, chose Commerce and now is comfortably doing his Chartered Accountant’s course even though he too was a topper.

There are innumerable examples to be given about which stream can be chosen. Just know that if you’re taking science, it is going to be hard work, really hard work! The time for your other extra-curricular activities too may be limited.

Make a choice not based on your merited percentage, but on the skills and talents that you have.

That’s what every teacher and career-centre would have told you throughout your life, but few pay heed. If you have any opinion about this, feel free to share it!


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