7 Reasons Why you should watch the World Cup

You don’t usually like football, know nothing about who Zidane was, who Messi is and what Ronaldo could do. Neither do you know that La Liga is a Spanish League and EPL is from England. But in spite of all that, you turn on the Tube for the next 31 days to watch the most fascinating series ever – The 2010 Football World Cup. At 1730hrs IST, the World Cup begins on ESPN with the opening ceremony followed by the first match between South Africa & Mexico.

Fan Someone watching the football world cup
Watching the World Cup?

Some people say football is too simple, it’s too boring and the goals come after a long time. It also is a very rough sport and doesn’t have intense strategy involved. Everyone has their opinion about the sport.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of football myself. I prefer Formula One any day. But why should I, you and the millions everywhere watch the Football matches?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. It happens only once in 4 years: So all the excitement won’t be there again next year. You’ll have to wait for a whole four years before you can hear about the next one
  2. There are a lot of countries involved in this game: More than Cricket, F1, Baseball, Rugby etc. there more countries participating in this game than any other.
  3. The sport is a lot more famous: If it’s the EPL, the Champions League or the usual WAG tales, the newspaper like Times of India dedicate at least one page to it. And now with the WC on, more than 4 pages! Imagine how popular the sport is. So you’re not watching something that no one knows about (like F1).
  4. You can start conversations: the official WC song says “we come together, shedding our inhibitions from every nation” The football chatter during this time can get you to make new friends anywhere with anyone. Just yell out ‘Messi Rocks’ in a crowded pub and you will have a dozen Messi fans cheer you in unison. I tell you F1 lacks heavily in this sometimes. You scream ‘Schumi’ in Mumbai and most likely you’ll have a shoe flying at you. (Rotten joke! 😀 )
  5. Only 90 mins: Barring the extra time, you’re match will get over under 2 hours. So that shouldn’t take up most of your day. Unlike cricket’s mini format -T20, even that goes up to 3 hours sometimes. Football is crisp and short.
  6. The sport is difficult: Many critics just bluntly say that football is just about ‘running around’. Yes it is, for a whole 90 mins! Plus you have to dribble a ball, pass it perfectly, time your kicks, steal it from your opponent and cover your own goal. That’s a lot of things to do for one player. The sport most definitely tests a person’s fitness and skill.
  7. It’s not lacking strategy either: a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2 combination for a team can either strengthen their offense, or weaken their defense simultaneously. Change the formation too often and the team will be confused. Strategy is vital to football. Although the chaos on the field makes it seem otherwise.

If you’re a true sports fan, do watch the Football world cup. It will be fun – hands down!

And if you’re already watching the world cup, tell us how you’re enjoying it! Do you have any other reason to watch the world cup? Let us know.


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