The Net don’t stop for no reason

Picture of Fustration
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I have had these funny encounters with the net at my place. It keeps going on and off sometimes without reason. And sometimes it can get frustrating. However there have been two situations where I’ve seen something really amazing.

Situation #1 It was Sunday. We usually record the messages preached on that day and upload it to the web right there and there using our hotel’s WiFi. That day, there was a bit of hurry and we had to wind up early. So the uploading got left out. At home, I sat to do it with fear and trembling. Now the net in my home always had the habit of defaulting every 5 mins. So I knew that uploading 40 MB would take about half an hour to 45 minutes. And by that time, the net would probably get cut and the upload would have to be done all over again.

Being tired and exhausted that day, I just prayed and said, ‘Lord this is your work, I’ve done my part of sitting here and waiting to upload it. The rest is up to you’. I set the upload and went to have dinner. An hour later, I came back expecting to see an error message, but to my astonishment, the net stayed on for more than one hour. And after another 15 mins the entire upload was completed! The net does what it has to, when He wants it to.

Situation #2 I was to organize the games for a party in my church’s weekly meetings at a person’s home. As usual I googled up some games the day before and found out a few nice ones. I saw them and closed the browser a while later and went off to sleep. I did not save the web pages. The next day around two hours before the party I went back to the site to take print-outs of those games. To my great frustration the site just wouldn’t let me load only those particular pages. The rest of the site worked perfectly! I tried using a different browser to no effect. I then googled again and went to another site where there were some boring ‘mind’ games to be done. Quickly took some print-outs and went to the party.

At the party, I found out that there were 70% old people. The games that I had planned the previous day were energetic and games that would obviously be difficult for the oldies to do. Because the net didn’t work, I was forced to another site with the mind games and those were the games that the seniors actually loved! I got a lot of praise for them.

I have my ups and downs with the Lord about things. But off late I’m noticing that he means everything for my own good. Whether it’s to teach me something or to further His own cause,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

I am excited by the fact that the Net isn’t going off for just any silly reason. Although sometimes it does, but the other times, like the ones I’ve mentioned here, they teach me a lot.

Have you had some ‘fun’ with the internet like that? Do tell me about it!

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