Autumn in the month of May

You have a great band, air-conditioned hall, a nice pastor, great leaders etc. All the ingredients to make a member keep coming back to church every Sunday. Yet one month in the whole year, the attendance drops like leaves from an autumn tree.

Autumn Attendance
Photo by Leonard John Matthews, Flickr.

Coincidentally, my church is called Tree of Life. And it’s in the month of May that our numbers dwindle right through. This month, we’ve decided to hire only half the normal size of the hall separated by a partition for the services.. Even our weekly meetings are cancelled for this week at least. Is it the heat? Is it the fact that schools are closed? It’s great that attending church is not a law.

Understandably people are out on vacation – schools are only closed this time of the year right and no rains either. But one thing I really don’t get. Of all the places in God’s green earth, why do people go for their summer vacations to GOA? The place is hot, humid and full of people who neither speak Marathi nor Hindi nor English. Phew! I guess I vented my dissatisfaction with Goa just now. Bad memories there, I’ll probably discuss it sometime. Yet a quarter of our congregation is going to Goa this week. And you can estimate the number of attendees next week. We’ve pegged it at 25 😀

We did however notice one thing, almost a third of our congregation was full of newcomers. We also had a lot more time to spend in the hall as the hotel didn’t have any immediate events. Lots of fellowshipping too. I guess God has a way of balancing things out. May, for me, is the only month I’d dare to pray aloud in church, read a scripture or dance crazily. Come over sometime!

Does your church or worship place see seasonal dips in numbers? Do you make any changes to compensate?


2 thoughts on “Autumn in the month of May

  1. Sounds like you need to move your church service to Goa for the week. 😀

    On a side note….my sister-in-law is marrying a guy from Goa. I think his family believes it is the best place on earth. 😀

    How is your break??

    • (Sorry for the late reply, i thought the email reply thing worked… obviously it didn’t)


      It’s liked by a lot of people. I’m one of the few who don’t. It’s like saying the Taj Mahal ain’t that pretty

      My vacations are going pretty well. Everyone enjoyed the South India trip and I have a youth camp coming up this month end. Working on the website right now. Hope it doesn’t take another year 😉

      How are you? Hope everyone’s doing great there!

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