Getting unwanted messages or calls? 4 Steps to get rid of them

There are plenty of advertising mediums today and SMS advertising is growing by the day. In a country with more than 10 million connections and more in store, that is obvious.  But these ads that come as a text o your phone, get irritating soon. They occupy your inbox space, you have to keep deleting them and the most irritating fact is that they often hurt your eagerness to read an SMS you thought was from a friend. Some of these numbers don’t even have numbers E.g I get messages from ‘ TA – Daredevils, TM – SilkIndia’ etc. Here are some tips that you could use for tackling the problem. I tried them out and worked for me and a few of my friends too.

#1. Make sure its not a flash SMS. A flash SMS is not an SMS, it makes use of your phone’s inbuilt functions to display a few words in the form of an ad. To deactivate this, you can call your network operator and ask them to help you turn it off.

#2. Make a call to you mobile operator (Vodafone, Airtel etc) and tell them that you don’t want any promotional calls or advertisements. Most people are unaware that these are allowed by default. The mobile operators allow for promotional calls to your numbers. Call them and have them turn it off.

#3. Now send an SMS ‘Start DND’ to 1909. This is the National ‘Do Not Disturb’ Service begun by TRAI. You can also read the initiative on their website: . What this does is, it puts you in a legal position to file a complaint against any number that calls you with a promotional aim, or sends you an advertisement. Once you get the message ‘DND service is active’ you’re set for the next step.

#4. If you get an SMS, or a call, asking you to book a hotel, buy a credit card or whatever. Go straight to your mobile operator and complain giving them the full details of the SMS or Call. Use your phone’s categories

That’s all.

The mobile operator is bound by law to register the complaint with the TRAI who will fine them. Vodafone, has been rather easy to do this with. I’m not aware of the ease of doing this with the other mobile operators. They even called me back to tell me that the numbers have been fined Rs. 500 each. This happened around 3-4 times. Now I get almost no SMSes.

Have you had the problem of too many irritating calls? How have you dealt with it?


3 thoughts on “Getting unwanted messages or calls? 4 Steps to get rid of them

  1. Better simply call customer care and register you number in DND (Do Not Disturb)
    as per provider policy your no. will be registered to DND list .then you wont get any unwanted call or messages

    • Hi Nirav, even if you do register for DND, you will not stop getting these SMSes or calls. To complain, you do need to have registered for the DND service.

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