A holiday with a difference

The exams are over! They went as quickly as they came. Before I realized it, I was writing the last paper.  Before anything I want to thank God for His faithfulness in the exams. All my papers went well and I’m SURE of passing this time. Last time, I was skeptical about one paper which I eventually passed. My first three papers were great, fourth was ok, fifth was excellent and sixth was miserable.

Quite a few people had been praying and I think their prayers paid off since it was the first time that I managed to complete my papers, and get four sums in maths right in a row. Trust me, till that day I had never managed to do well in maths yet that time around it was so different. I actually did well in maths. Well marks are a different matter but I know that my efforts will be rewarded.

Going for tutions had their payoffs in two papers but nothing would have prepared me for my last paper – of all the papers – Finance. Messed it up royally. There was an ambiguous question on investments. Based on the statements given there, I assumed it was something on Capital Investment. Turns out it was something on Term Loans.

There’s still so much I can thank God for. I’m one of the few million graduating this year, in my very first attempt, without any backlogs (KTs), from a famous course and at the age of 20!

Now I have a month and a half of holidays. There is a big list of things that I have planned to do. I just want it to be done. These holidays will be more productive than any of my previous holidays. I want to update my church website, blog, social media, create a new newsletter design, revamp something at home, etc.

One of the things that I want to do this time is narrow down on the themes for this blog. I’ve got a few on my mind and will just make a few choices to fit them here. So look out for more applicable and useful posts in a month from now. Of course I will be blogging about my experiences too, yet I wish to apply a few lenses to better the reading experience.

Looking forward to the coming weeks! Have a great summer 🙂


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