Marketing Research

College is ending. And this is the last of the projects that we’ve had over the years. It’s on Energy Drinks and why people prefer them to soft drinks. I’ve covered questions like ‘how do you rate the advertising of Energy drinks’ and ‘would you buy an energy drink instead of a soft drink if the price were to reduce?’.

Our professor wanted us to get a sample size of 100 for this project. After much coaxing she brought it down to 50. Thanks to my friends on Facebook, I’ve got 40 done so far.

Do have a look at the questionnaire and feel free to take the survey right here:

The one thing I’ve wanted to hit at through this project is the fact that Energy Drinks are heavily overpriced in India. And if they want a wider customer base, slight changes in their pricing system  could bring them higher sales than Soft drinks.

The whole project was done along with the teaching in class. So there was nothing we were doing that wasn’t taught to us. Our professor arranged it well. But she hasn’t given us a detailed format for the report which we have to submit this Thursday. Hopefully, she accepts what we give her. Fingers crossed.! 😉

This is the last week of college. One of the tightest weeks we’ve ever had! A viva with our DEAN tomorrow on International Finance, a test on Bonus Shares on Thursday, Marketing Research report, and IMTP questionnaires submission on Friday. Class photograph on Wednesday. Life just doesn’t get any worse does it? Prelims a week later. Phew.


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    • Hey I forgot to leave a thank you message! Thanks a lot! With your help i just managed to get the quota done. Hope you get this message!

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