New Idea Officially Trashed

Just an update on the previous post, my teacher did finally speak to us and asked us to think of a new product for our project. She Googled our idea and found many Jam Stations around in Mumbai. She even took down the rates (and apparently some were cheaper then the our plan) and mentioned their available facilities to me. This lady knows her stuff.

So its back to the drawing board for my group and me. Please do suggest some innovative ideas. We’ll make a whole presentation of it and email it to you later. So, anyone up for Transparent Underwear (just kidding) or a Solar Powered Handbag (charges your cellphone)? Ciao!


2 thoughts on “New Idea Officially Trashed

  1. Well, she wouldn’t be a good teacher if she couldn’t figure out that your idea wasn’t original. 😉 And anyway, where’s the fun in that?!

    Innovative ideas? Hmmmm. What’s a need in your country or in certain neighborhoods and how can you fix it? Or what could you provide to make it better?

    • Ahh. We’ve worked our way through BMS doing just that. Cut Copy Paste. Hasn’t stimulated our brains that much but with the time constraints we have, we find it a simpler option. And no other professor has even cared to look into our project like this before. Sigh. But good thing is we have a few options. Let’s see whether she warms up to them. 🙂

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