New Ideas Trashed

In college we have a subject called “Entrepreneurship”. This subject has a project which requires us to think of a new product. Just think and put it on paper. No one needs to do anything about it. Simple right? Hell no.

This project isn’t one of our favorites because frankly, we ain’t interested. We got plenty up our sleeves with two tests, two assignments, and our regular classes going on. More importantly its making us ‘think’. Something that we ‘find-the-world-on-google’ addicts will find hard to do. Seriously, and we are blessed with a professor who’s equally talented and smart to look up our products there. If she even senses something isn’t original, our hard downloaded work goes out the window. 😀

We came up with a novel idea of making sound proof rooms available for band practices. ‘Jam Station’ is what we’d hope to call it. The whole idea of the project was to create a new product. We pushed boundaries by creating a service, and secondly, it wasn’t exactly new. Someone around was making some good money renting of his room for band practices and we thought “why not do the same, only brand it better”.

We submitted a preview of our project to her today. She was pretty okay with it until one of our great and absent minded friends said in front of her ‘hey i know two Jam rooms in front of Infiniti Mall, Malad’.

That was it. We sensed the smile on her face and the squinting of her eyes. Our project’s headed for the bin. Trashed it is gonna be. It isn’t official yet. She said she’d ‘look it up’, or rather, search it on Google and tell us by phone if we can go ahead or not. So we aren’t wasting time. We’ve begun working on a new product. In the meantime, we are waiting for the call.

P.S. Have you thought about creating someting new that has good utility like a pen with GPS? Please leave a comment. Thank you!


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