Bollywood’s one good action video

This is one video that you’ll either be in awe of or be rolling in laughter. Awe because of the number of action sequences that have been executed in the type of infrastructure and equipment they had. It was done in the early 90s and thumbs up for the hardwork behind this scene.

Peals of laughter because you will notice the following bloopers:

1. Cars flying with obvious ramps.
2. Cars stopping and crashing after exhaust pipes are thrown at them.
3. Cops taking the aerial route always in spite of having guns.
4. Hero’s hands were handcuffed at the beginning, during the middle he loses it, and again at the end he has it on!
5. Notice the policeman waving the balloons in one scene
6. The director seems to have a penchant for watching horses break their necks.
7. Notice how the hero gets it in the crotch, yet manages to ride a horse right after!
8. Best of all, don’t at all… at all… miss the Horse sliding under the truck scene!

Lol 😀


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