Audition for Ang Lee’s Next Film ‘Life of Pi’

Ang Lee Confirms His Next Film is ‘Life of Pi’ » MTV Movies Blog.

It was in college that there was this Lady who came around asking many to sign up for the auditions of this Hollywood movie. A friend and I signed up for it. We didn’t know what where who how was making the movie but we did it for the fun of it.

At the audition place

Gave the audition and it was like they heaved a sigh of relief when we were done. Not out of exasperation but rather because (they said it) we were the better lot they had all week. We were thinking about this role a long time after we left the auditioning place and we were wondering if we could ever land a role like that. It seems that there are auditions happening for it all over India, and even abroad. What are the chances of guys like my pal me and me? Million to one? Hoping to hit the jackpot soon. The lady in charge said that Ang Lee is due in India in a month. So we’ll probably get to know in about two months. Looking forward though.

A good thing about this audition was that it was over in a snap. Just two minutes waiting time. Super cool.


23 thoughts on “Audition for Ang Lee’s Next Film ‘Life of Pi’

    • No. Privacy matters. I don’t want people finding others on my blog because i mentioned their name here. Its to be safe. For you. I could otherwise.

      • neil can you please give me the number for the casting agency. i am working on a story on this or if you know the delhi guy who landed the lead role, can you please connect me with him. I work with the Indian Express newspaper in Delhi.

    • I was trying out for the role of Pi. But they didn’t want us to act. They wanted us to read out a paper with a speech in it – ‘Survival Kit’. They videotaped us reading it. Took measurements of our height and age. They wanted some indian authentic, medium height and build guys. Are there auditions for this around your city?

      • That’s neat! No, I have not heard of anything in terms of auditions here.
        I remember the ‘survival kit’ part from the book. Who was holding the audition session? Was it an Indian or someone from abroad?
        Anyhow, great blog here – thanks for sharing!!

      • The auditions were carried out by usual Indians, but it seems their camera and equipment was sent by Fox Studios in the US.

        Thanks for the compliment!

        Was there anything special in the survival kit chapter?

    • Well it was interesting alright. About the auditions not sure at all. You could keep googling to find out if there are any going on. Usually casting agencies conduct such auditions. See if there are any in your city.

  1. Someone offering auditions came to my school too. Me and some of my friends are going to try it out. The auditions are next week.Is there anything specific they are looking for?

    • Cool.

      Make sure you look authentic Indian (however you define it). Preferred height is about 5ft8inches
      and practice some reading with expression through your voice. (not facial expressions)

  2. Hey neil lisen na im registered for da auditions so u told that i should wear authentic indian clothes……so wad dya mean by that like what do ya wear……….n other thingz that what was there in the survival kit chapter??

    • You’ll get a few minutes to prctice the chapter before you go up. I really don’t have the paper. And don’t worry about clothes and all. Focus on the voice.

    • Hey adi.. could you tell me where you live? Because im in delhi and the guy still hasnt confirmed when the audition is. If you could tell me where and when your audition is i could get an idea of when theyre coming to delhi. thanks!

  3. Hey. Ok, so this casting agent contacted me to audition for the role of pi. I live in delhi and am not yet sure when the audition is but i do fit into a lot of their criterias.. I speak french, im a canadian resident, im 15, im 5ft8inces and all of that. BUT the only thing is that im not authentic indian looking :/ Im fair and face isnt very indian, if you get my point. So any inputs would be nice :). Also, It would be great if you could link me the material that we are supposed to say during the audition.. this survival kit or whatever it is. Thanks a ton !

    • Hi Duhin, well there was an Irish guy who was also there for the audition when i went and he started it off on a pure stiff neck british accent. I don’t think the casting guys were that impressed since they said ‘an indian guy stuck out in the middle of the ocean doesn’t usually sound like Lord Fauklin’. Try your luck though, it was quite an experience!

      • Thanks. I have a normal indian accent so i guess i shud be okay.

        The only concern i have is that im fair. Will that be an issue?

        Also, what was the average age group of people auditioning? Coz the character is supposed to be about 15-16.. But seems like college students are trying out for it. Im 15 btw.

    • Hey Duhin! can u please let me know the contact details of that casting agency in Delhi! I am graduate from IIT Kharagpur and willing to take my chances in acting! I hope an early reply from you. You can respond directly to my email id:

  4. Hey there guys any idea where these auditions are taking place will be grateful
    to you guys
    Thank You

  5. Hey man
    I know this is long over already but I was wondering if you had the casting agencies or any other person involved in recrutings details, just in case they had another Hollywood movie that they were letting people audition for.
    A reply would be greatly appreciated !

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