BMS Sem 6 : Battleplan . . . again.

You remember the last time I wrote a post about my study time for the exams? Well I’m at it again. Last time I made some lofty projections about how much I would be able to study. This time again there’s no difference.

I’m sitting right now in college listening to a VERY uninteresting lecture on the European Monetary System. So with nothing to do I took out my notebook and pencil and started charted the time I have left before the next exams. Planning is a good thing. I suggest you try it sometime. They say good planning is work half done. Ahem. I wonder why they don’t mention the other half.

So sitting next to my friend reading the chick flick novel Twilight, i’m tapping away on my phone blogging about what I penned down a while ago. And yes the lecture is still going on. 🙂

My exams begin on the 19th April. 6 papers at one paper a day, no holidays the exams end on the 24th. These are taken by the university. The college holds preliminaries from the 12th of March till the 18.

10 weeks till the 19th. Subtract 10 days from 63 because I don’t study on sundays.

That leaves me with 54 days. Deducting a third from the total for sleep leaves me with 36 days. Deducting a further one fourth from 54 days i.e. 14 for college which takes 6 hours of my weekday. That leaves me with 22 days for studies.
Thats a lot of study time 22 x 24 equals 528 hours.
So say about 500 study hours.
Thats how much study time i got left.

6 subjects, 5 projects, 3 internals, to work for in the 6th Semester of my Bachelor of Management Studies course.

I’ve been totally hammered by my buddies who i didn’t expect to score over me let alone by a mile. I’m raring to go this time. Watch this space for more on the Sem 6 battle 2010. Return of the . . . COMING SOON!


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