Church Tech: Brighton church ‘first in UK’ to develop iPhone app

Brighton church ‘first in UK’ to develop iPhone app « Brighton and Hove News.

A bunch of guys at the Church of Christ the King (CCK) are in the process of submitting their iphone app which is believed to be the first church in UK to ever do so. The guys haven’t created an app before but are planning on getting into the trade and so have made it for free for the church. Amazing! I just wonder if they like Google, are creating an environment for youngsters with gifts to exhibit themselves for God’s glory.

I couldn’t believe that a CHURCH was making an Iphone app. That is some serious stuff!

The CCK Brighton Church is one huge church whose every meeting is recorded on Video. Not only that, but its even streamed online! You may consider their online audio recordings as passe.

CCK Website
CCK Website: Videos on the Home Page

Their website stands out because it is 60% flash. The content is so brilliantly managed that a member can log in with his profile and be notified of events and responsibilities that are meant only for him. i.e. if I am in the choir, I get to know exactly when the choir practices are taking place and on which dates I need to attend.

Recently they began a new preaching series called ‘Alternative City’. To advertise for this on their website, they put up the cut outs of this word in different places in brighton and have even created a video to promote the same!

Custom Ads for Their series of preachings
Custom Ads for Their series of preachings

Where do they get the manpower, the intelligence and the time to do all this? One guess is that they are a well to do church with plenty of full time members. But still! Amazing stuff. Small contributions like that have helped put their church on the global map.

It’d be great to have minds like that in my humble 200 member congregation @ Tree of Life Church. But on a smaller level, I am praying “God at least, at least…. send a person familiar with Publishing and Copywriting to TLC this year”.

In what way do you intend to serve your church in 2010?


4 thoughts on “Church Tech: Brighton church ‘first in UK’ to develop iPhone app

  1. Cool post!

    You should also check out Mark Driscoll’s site. I’m pretty sure he has an iphone app. He also just shot a ton of video in Jerusalem with these awesome cameras. It’s for the Luke series he’s preaching through.

  2. Hey Neil,

    In 2010 we’re trying to help churches better impact their community by enabling them to reach them in the technology spaces they already are. For example: similar to Brighton, this week we rolled out iPhone Web Apps for the 50+ churches running on our church website platform. (TLC could be one of those churches!)

    If you’re ever looking for church-tech related interview or guest blogger for your blog, shoot me an email!


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