Evaluating my last semester

When my parents come back from their trip this week, I will be telling them about how much I scored in the 5th semester overall. College put up our results today in detail so it’s either I tell them, or they ask me and I am forced to tell them. I think the former is a better choice.

One thing for sure, I wasn’t eager to see my marks. I knew I had blown it, one because I studied a lot of stuff that I shouldn’t have, and two because I spent a lot of time writing big answers in the exams. So here’s what I was expecting: Good or average scores in the last three papers, Below average scores in the first two, and Lowest in my Finance paper.

Checking our Marks
Checking our Marks

So I got them finally. And the shocking truth is that I passed (I bet you know already). Not only did I pass, I also scored in the same way I thought I would. I got low in the first two papers, lowest in the third, and better in the last three. The whole of December to January, I was skeptical about my ability to pass. Now that I passed, I’m grumbling about how low I got.

We have two assessments, one for our internal marks by our college and the other for our written test by the university. Today the mark sheet (which was put on the notice board) was displaying our results such that each subject had three sets of marks.

  1. Our External Test
  2. Our Internal Marks
  3. Total of the two

I was virtually swearing at a professor (she wasn’t around) who gave me the lowest score among the whole class for my internal assessment. Only later did I realize that those marks which I thought were internals, we actually external! I had just passed my externals by the skin of my teeth in that paper! Had to take back all I said about that professor when I saw my actual internal score which was decent enough. 😛

Overall if you ask me did the best of my studies come out in the exam. Most definitely not. I tell you I got beat by guys in the class who’d play volley ball everyday, go for picnics, do things that no studious student does etc. There was even this one guy who just about topped my class who used to go on about how much he had not studied just days before the exam started. Liar! 😀

I have a lot of ground to cover in the next Semester. I was aiming for distinction in the last sem, and now I’ll have to work thrice as hard for that. Require 85 on 100 a paper if I’ve to get there. Has anyone tried to jump over the moon before? Suddenly it all justs feels like I’ve been building castles in the air.


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