My Blogging goals for 2010

There are a lot of blogs on blogging in the blogosphere. Sometimes I wonder, when do the people who write about blogging actually blog? Its one thing to teach someone about fishing, and quite another to go and fish yourself.  As a blogger I am caught in an endless circle of choosing the right topic, whether to start a new blog, change the theme of the content etc.

This year I have made a few goals regarding my blogging:

  1. To figure out finally what to put on my personal blog (Notice my new tagline under the header).
  2. To start off another blog: either on finance or Christianity or technology. But at least one more by the end of this year OR successfully revamp my current one to suit any of the former categories.
  3. To figure out categories of my personal blog to appeal to my readers.
  4. To decide on a topical approach or personal approach to blogging (The former is 3rd person account while the latter is 1st person)
  5. To have a monthly readership of 300 hits on the new one by the year end. (This being a number far higher than what I have managed in two years on my own blog).
  6. Commit myself to consistent writing every week this year.

These are the blogging resolutions this year. If there are any more amendments I’ll let you know. The major challenge ahead is finding a niche among the sea of bloggers and readers out there. With so many topics and blogs, what can I contribute to the blogosphere that will be actively sought out? Let’s see. 


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