Industrial Visit to Coke Factory, WADA

These are some of the pictures we clicked on our field trip to the Coke factory. Apparently it  is the biggest in Maharashtra and set to be the biggest in the country soon.
This was one of the last outings together as a class of BMS and hence it has got to be a memorable one.
The factory was ok ok. lots of hygeine requirements. Nothing awe – inspiring except for the fact that 600 bottles get produced on a single machine every minute. Also the bottles when finshed filling and labelling are so hot that it feels like boiling water!
They did not however disclose the actual cost of making such a bottle. Yes.. some company policy!
The Inustrial Visit was fun indeed. After visiting the factory, our faculty had arranged for lunch and rest at a resort nearby. Lunch was good (Vegetarian though) and we enjoyed the place a lot. Check the pics above.
On the way back we enjoyed ourselves by doing anything but keep quiet. We were singing songs and playing Antakshari till our throats became sore.. and till our bus broke down and we had to move in with the other class’s bus.
Can’t forget that day. It was a more of a picnic than a field Trip! 😀



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