Eating Steak in India

Eating Steak in India, originally uploaded by Neil’O.

Dear Mike, Destiny & Bethany,

You came for a short while. It IS great knowing you and the desire you have to serve God. I was really amazed when you expressed desire to go to Burma. The only knowledge I have of that place is from the movie John Rambo (watch it to know why). Chatting with you was so much fun and we enjoyed the jokes you cracked. Mike your word in church was very good. I loved the way you co-related practical life examples and made sense of it. Bethany & Destiny, you are one of the few guests my sister openly talks with. She is other wise pretty reserved. Your blog has been insightful. Although, sadly, there have been many with the same thoughts before you. Welingkar University is a great place to study and I’m considering it as an option even more now Mike!

Though short, it was memorable the time you shared with us, and the church. Don’t forget to email back sometime! They say you can stay connected via FB and Skype and blah blah, but true fellowship is when we meet face to face. I look forward to meeting you again.

God bless you and may you have a wonderful and fruitful year!

In Christ,


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