What’s happening in December

Hello hello hello. I apologize for the big gap from the last post. I’m trying to write stuff that’s relative to me and something that you would want to read. I’m gonna avoid writing ‘anything under the sun’. So its going to be a lot of self-obsessed rants! LOL. No!  If any of you saw the last post on social networking, well such a post is the last on this blog. May be in the coming days I’ll have some techno-f1 blog 😉 . So this month so far has been rather cool, both in terms of the weather and in terms of activity. I’ve not been doing much. I have been working hard on my Aviation project due on the 16th this month and I’m aiming at 100 pages minimum. Facebook came to good use as I was able to quickly get 40 surveys on the Mumbai Airport done in no time. A big thank you to all who took the survey!

Coming up this month in December as usual,  is a load of activity. Here’s the itinerary:

  • 12th (Today) Planning with the leaders of the church for the whole of next year- meetings, events etc @ TLC
  • 15th Dad’s 52nd birthday. Celebrations of course!
  • 16th Submission of the Aviation Project of 100 marks.
  • 17th Going uptown to purchase decorations and props for the church’s Christmas celebrations
  • 18th Outing with some buddies from my junior college years
  • 19th Cousin’s birthday- retro style. I’m compering the party and am supposed to dance! Me dancing, oh yeah 😛
  • 22nd-23rd Street play of the Jesus Story at Goregaon and Santacruz.
  • 24th Christmas Eve.
  • 26th Youth Party
  • 31st New Year’s eve meeting (at church)

There are a few things that I’ve planned alongside with these events too:

  1. To finish reading the book on Adobe InDesign. It takes longer than it should ‘cuz of my comps low config.
  2. To finish reading a very nice book given to me by some very special friends.
  3. To design the format the next year’s newsletter skeleton. This the big one.
  4. To complete the church website. I think I’ve given 4 or 5 deadlines for the site in the past but have failed completely! Praying for help on this one. Especially since our design work is over and our designer is hands off. It means I gotta update the site myself 😦
  5. Cook two dishes

Yes I cook. Enough to survive that is! I have somehow developed a keen interest in cooking and this month I will be trying to cook these two dishes for sure – Lemon Cheese Cake & Caramel Custard. Anyone know an Indian replacement for sour cream? I think it is Curds.

This is most definitely going to be busier than the month of my exams. The fear of failure in my finance paper still looms. Yet, I’m so psyched about this month. I have got to get things done. Oh and college and classes are on too.  See you around!

Article Coming up: A Farewell to good friends from the States!


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