Its all part of growing up

Just after my exams got over last Saturday, my college began on Tuesday. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted at least a week off before returning back to college. Any way I dragged my self to college for both the days when only a handful of us attended. There we were reminded to hasten our preparation for our Project Work since it will be due any time in the first week of December, about ten days away. This means that I have to make a 100-page dossier ready in 10 days. Before departing for Delhi to attend a function, dad quietly told me ‘You need to print the bulletin this Sunday’. What? Print?!? I mean it’s only the 29th this Sunday. We usually give our bulletins in the first Sunday of the next month.  Now that deadline only adds to the pressure of the things I have to do.

Coming up later, I have to get my licenses done, then the passports and so on. I will be juggling college and other things at the same time. And at the college front, I need coaching classes. Now I have to scout around for the appropriate tutorials and then when they begin in December manage all my responsibilities with college and coaching classes. Church work virtually goes for a toss but I still have to do the bulletin since the loads got to be taken of my pastor. To enhance my skills I was planning to learn Photoshop and InDesign, both Adobe software for photo editing and publishing during the next six months till I finished college. This was to help my current responsibility of the bulletin design and just as a career enhancement step. I even downloaded the software along with the manuals and tutorials for the same.

Looking forward after my exams are over in the month of May, we’ll be out for a small vacation sometime then. But after that I’ll have to look for a job, won’t I? Brr! That’s kind of scary. Is it going to be work work work? Will there be no more late mornings, rested travelling, lots of fun and frolic with my friends? Sometimes I just feel like holding on the time that’s slipping by. I wonder is that why adults always to they wanted to be kids again when I told them how I hated being a little child? It is an old saying that when something ends, something new begins. Is this the beginning of the journey of life? Is this the leaving the nest moments that require me to take wing and fly? What does the future hold?


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