5th Sem’s done! Reviewing last week..

The 5th Sem exams. Phew! Where do I begin? It was tough. Mentally and physically I was tired. I ended up doing a whole night shift on the 17th. Six back to back exams were taking their toll on me halfway through. However Grace was freely given thereafter. Well let me briefly take you through the juicy bits of my harrowing week. It started right after my last blog post, I had to begin revision for Human Resource. I guess I should have applied some productivity techniques on myself first. This is how the 6 exams went:

  • Day 1: Human Resource Mgmt- Good paper, Fair enough, but my lack of speed ensured I left a sixth of the paper without any attempt. And you could say I didn’t know like half of that portion so i would have left a 12th of the paper anyway. 😦
  • Day 2: Service Sector Management- This was one of the papers I had prepared for the most. I was so sure about some questions that i devoted a major portion of my 2 hours to writing them. And in the end, I missed out even more- 15 marks to be precise were not attempted. That’s like a fourth of the marks just left. Grace a la impeccable speed and the urge to show off ‘Look I know one answer! I’m going to be a smart jack and forget all about the OTHER TEN!! Ahhhh”. I kick my self every time I think how stupid that was. 😛

So as you can see the main problem was that i wrote too much for answers i knew and that took away time for the other answers. I was determined not to repeat this. Of course there were some answers I had no idea about but there’s something called ‘shooting in the dark and hoping it hits something’. That’s always the motto when you don’t know an answer. Examiners tend to give minimum marks.

  • Day 3: Financial Management- A good monetary investment in coaching classes and studies had prepared me for most of the chapters and theory. Was really psyched about attempting this. BUT, that day I got more than canned in the morning rush hour traffic (which was more than usual). As I began my exam I began attempting the sums first. I realized my calculator was showing incorrect values. On pressing 9 followed by a few zeros i saw that the digits on my calculator were all messed up and were showing 9s as 3s and 0s as 1s. It probably got crushed in the train while I was travelling. I asked the invigilator if I could borrow the one of the guy sitting behind me. She gave me a smirk and checked my calculator herself and then allowed me. I was stuck with a certain adjustment when my benefactor needed it again. I asked the invigilator if the college could provide me with a spare. NO! came the answer. I would now have to let go all the hard work of preparing the accounting formats for the sums and attempt the theory questions with just a little over an hour left. Blah blah blah.. and all I can say is that I’m praying for mercy in this paper. Please pass me God! I was really wondering like ‘God are you teaching me something? Cause, this is so not a good time!’. 😥

Things really started looking up after that exam. From depression I went into growth and gradually into peak! (Economic comparison)

  • Day 4: Management of Co-operatives- In college, our professor had prepared us well for this subject. She told us not to refer to anything else but her notes and guess what? It helped! Nothing apart from what she’d told us came. Of course she gave us a lot to study but still, it was better than all those poor souls who used the universities recommended reference books! 🙂
  • Day 5: Rural Marketing- I was so enjoying that last exam that I didn’t prepare well last minute for this one. I was banking on what I had studied initially and some important topics that a few friends said would probably come. It went so well! Two in a row thank you Lord! 😀
  • Day 6: Elements of Logistics- What can I say? It was brilliant! Just moments before the exam a friend showed me how to solve a few sums and the same ones came and as I checked later on.. the answers were correct! And since I solved the sums I had more time to give the theory and actually completed my paper. Looking good in this one surely. B)

So 3 out of 6 were good. Two of them were just above average and one was good. I hope I’m able to recover some ground in the next sem 6 since both scores are aggregated. To focus on the immediate future, I’ve got a 100 mark project to do. I’m sure my project guide’s gonna be mad (I was supposed to have finished it before the exams). That and a few other things top my list of what to do in the next few days. Looking forward. Good day!


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