Finance vs. Marketing

Today I had an important choice to make for the 6th semester of my TY BMS (pre MBA) -  Either choose a specialization in marketing, or a specialization in Finance. I took a number of opinions and I chose a specialization in Finance at last. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Marketing requires a major amount of creativity which may be rather difficult for me. Although I can be creative at times, along with some copied ideas too, this is one reason why I don’t want a specialization in marketing.
  • Finance includes topics like the IMF, Foreign Exchange, How to budget etc. Things which I’m interested in.
  • Marketing is not a specialized field. A person who has been doing advertising for many years can also shift into marketing. So there is a possibility of saturation of the field.
  • Finance on the other hand requires specialization and not many can do the analysis. You need proper training. You can’t have the HR dept. run your finance Dept.
  • Lastly and most importantly, Marketing is a field which to a great extent involves changing people’s perception. In other words deceiving them (mostly). In the world its gonna be tough not to lie as well. So, event scripture says, if it weighs on your conscience, don’t do it. This in no ways bad-mouthing those in marketing. Each to his own and i’d rather not do marketing.

Many of my pals in college chose finance too. And some only because others were there. Great! More company :D.

As for my exams, they begin next monday. I’ll be working hard on that now. We are mostly assured of 30 on 40 in our internals for each subject. So on a whole out of 100, we need to get 45 on 60 in each written test to qualify for the DISTINCTION grade of 75%. Once you get distinction, you don’t need to tell anyone your scores. That’s the beauty of working a little harder! 😉 Wish me luck.

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3 thoughts on “Finance vs. Marketing

  1. ur such a stupid person i had ever seen in my life …… arey idiot if ur tally goes sum were wrong in that fin than ur hole sum will be wrong ……… n u on ur self agree that ur not creative than y r u in bms ……… its a big que ?????? atleast in marketing u can write some thing n get a copule amt of marks which will definately enhance ur result……. n if u do a litt mist in finance thn ur marks will b 000000000000000000000000 ……….. so dear wake up ……..

    • Wow. You really swing your punches! 😀
      Hahaha. Well Why i got into BMS is a big question for me too. if you read this blog post you’ll realize that it was just one of them fluke decisions which is now turning out to be a gr8 one because
      1. I like it,
      2. I’m good at the presentations and projects and its been a cakewalk
      3. Its a great training for an MBA wouldn’t you agree?

      About creativity, my dear the point i was making is that there are more creative people out there in the world than me, and anyone who is creative can tomorrow become a marketing manager. And this also means that BMM students have an edge over us BMS guys when it comes to pure creativity. Finance to a certain degree requires specialization which is what i was looking forward to doing this 6th Sem.

      I’m totally aware how difficult finance is. But you also must know that the teachers mark students for the formats too. And on the positive side if you get the answers right.. it doesn’t matter what method u used you get full marks.

      BTW I already got up from my sleep in the last exam because three papers were messed up and amazingly even finance if you read here.
      Are from BMS too? How were your papers?

    • hey radhika sory 2 say dis but its nt necessary to b creative 2 get in2 bms.some people do bms in order to get an idea of d sub he/she wants to specialise in.lyk m doin bms in order to knw abt human resouce managmnt whch vil help me while doin specialsn in dat field.and as far as tallyng d sum is concerned cmon if u were a commerce student dan m sure u vil b able to tally d ans n if ur sum does nt tally thn 4 ur kind info ur whole sum does not goes wrng…:)

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