My Head Hurts

Just a figure of speech to say that the studies are getting to me. I have taken so much liberty of my time earlier that I have a sufficient backlog now to keep me on my toes for the next whole month! I won’t have a moment to waste at all.

This means that:

  • no facebook browsing (Only Mobile Texts)
  • no TV (No India-Australia matches, Popular movies on star movies etc etc.)
  • no more day dreaming
  • no more sitting and chatting online, etc etc.
  • Oh and that also means… i may not have a good blog post up till like the 22nd of November.

You’ll probably see more of such blog posts with my description of the exams to come.

Another reminder to all my BMS friends that we have only 19 days left and counting till the deadline.

May God be with us all!


Here’s a pic which should sum up a thousand words 😀


Studies and their consequences


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