Bizzare Mishap: even my church & dad were stuck!

2 killed in Mumbai train mishap; thousands stranded: India Today – Latest Breaking News from India, World, Business, Cricket, Sports, Bollywood..

Don’t be fooled by the picture, the actual bridge size is much bigger and a lot of concrete beams have fallen too.

What happened/When/Where : A bridge carrying water pipes caved in on a running train that was travelling between thane and Ghatkopar at noon. Two people including the motormen were killed and 13 others injured. Train services between the two stations have been cancelled for 30 hours.

How: Civic Apathy? While a new pipe was being installed to replace the century old one, the bridge collapsed under the pressure. In order to give the residents around fresh clean water, the irresponsible, safety norm-flouting maintenance workers would have miscalculated the age and the capacity of the bridge leading to this mishap.

Rescue work: Wasn’t very good. Inadequate equipment, prolonged wait for the ‘Jaws of Life’ and other electrical cutting equipment meant that help to the trapped motorman was delayed. The motorman and another passenger, succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. But I’m still of the opinion that the Fire & Rescue team do their best in such situations inspite of the crowd that they’ve to deal with and the inadequate safety instruments and equipment that they are not given.

Personal point of view: More than 10 million paying taxes, 4.5 million using the train services, and yet they can’t take adequate measures to keep our basic services safe? Imagine if that had fallen anywhere in the center of the train! like a hundred people would be dead. Well as for the one’s who are stranded, my whole church, including my dad who were returning from a conference in Bangalore on the Udyan Exp. have had to get down at Karjat (a station before Kalyan & Thane) and take a Local to Thane.  They then took a bus that was arranged by Errol and now they’re all home. Approximately 30 hours later!! Thank & Praise God!

Lesson To be learnt: I just thank God that in spite of the Billion things that can go wrong in Mumbai and rest of India, one billion still make it home everyday. Thank God we don’t have “Final Destination” sequences in flow over here!


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