An Encouraging Sunday and Gr8 Monday

Last Sunday the 11th was great. I had to make my church’s monthly newsletter ready and I was trying out some stuff to make it look like the newly released Times Of India CREST EDITION newspaper. The theme color of that newspaper was aquamarine green and lovely cursive font. I did that on the First page. I was wondering if there was anyone who’d be able to guess that my bulletins were on the lines of that newspaper.

To my pleasant surprise, the first lady I handed it out to said “Oh How lovely, the Crest Edition!”. I was ecstatic, “Bang on Marianne!” I replied. She made my day in the morning itself. As for the others, well my leader said there was one point missing on it which he had reminded me to put the previous night but I forgot. He did compliment the work though. Thankfully! Couldn’t listen to any other comments that morning as I had to go for classes and the F1 promotion at Bandra.

On my way, I bumped into one of my friends who said he was going to the same event. We went along and after waiting long long, finally David Coulthard, former Red Bull race car driver and current Advisor to the team, came in the Red Bull F1 car. He did three donuts in his car with one hand raised to the crowd! Can you believe it?! I saw an F1 car for the first time up close!

Yesterday, Mnday that is, I had my vivas (oral examination) for Service Sector Management. Something which was well overdue, and our professor didn’t like that so we were wondering whether he would be following a strict or ‘liberal’ policy of asking questions. Liberal it was and I got an A+!! For the first time I actually felt special after a viva.

That was my Monday 😛 here are some pics of what we did in coll after the vivas!



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