Olio 2009 – A fun filled victory!

This is one event which I think every Andrean looks forward to and wishes to attend even after he has passed out from college. This year the hype surrounding the event was similar and tickets got sold in two days flat!

The event Compere
The event's Compere

For those of you who don’t know, Olio is an inter-collegiate dramatics competition held in the St. Andrew’s Auditorium every year. Each drama is around 20-30 mins long and every year new acting talent is introduced to the world since the show attracts a number of sponsors and media attention.

This year the only battle that we were looking forward to is the one between Xavier’s and us. For two years they had been winning the event in our backyard and this year all I wanted to do was beat em! Last year they won the best play and although our play went well, we came second. I did the sounds that year and didn’t win. Determined for revenge I participated with our team and volunteered for the Lights. The theme this year was fusion although i think only the Andrew’s and Xavier’s teams kept to it.

St. Andrews Play: Stuck in a Pack
St. Andrew's Play: Stuck in a Pack

The Andrew’s play was a wonderfully original written by one of my friends Nikhil Alves. It was called ‘Stuck in a pack’ and it was an acapella performance (without instruments) which meant all the sounds of music were made by the actors themselves. The 4 characters were the King, Queen, Joker and Jack who were related to some real life person. An underworld don, a rich house-wife, a hen-picked husband and a party-happy guy were the other side of the characters. Also included was the Ace of Spades who resembled the boss, or superior or peer pressure or pain in the neck that everyone has. The message of the play was that everyone has a choice to make, and its better to live a mediocre life having made the right choices rather than a lavish life with regret. Our play was the first of the day and the audience gave us a resounding applause. I had no problems with the lights and everyone on stage looked good in the hues and blues.

During the intervals the fillers came with their humorous non-sense doing spoofs on Akshay Kumar, Quick Gun Murugun & Genelia D’souza to name a few. Hip hop dances also included some amazing dance sequences with people rotating on their head.

Quick Gun Murugun with Mr. Bean & Baba Ramdev!
Quick Gun Murugun with Mr. Bean & Baba Ramdev!

Xaviers play was good. But not all that great. It needs a real dark mind like a friend I know to like it really. However they acted real good.

They slapped their actors, kicked them, pushed them for real on stage! and everything was well coordinated and the sounds were out of this world and lights were spot on. Sydenham and Don Bosco’s engineering were too bad to talk about. Sydenham nearly made me throw up with their gay stuff and farts. Yuck! And they top it off with a “WE ARE NOT PROFFESIONALS” chart as the curtains close. Yea right! Who over here is a professional?

Talking about professionals, the judges were professionals indeed! GENELIA D’SOUZA (from ‘Jaane Tu’ & former Andrean), Raghu (Host of MTV Roadies), Kitu Gidwani (Bollywood Actress) and Ashwin Gidwani (Producer). The judges were so cool this year!

Genelia Dsouza, Raghu, Kitu & Ashwin Gidwani
Genelia D"souza, Raghu, Kitu & Ashwin Gidwani

for three long hours we waited for all the plays to get over. Finally the results were announced. Xaviers won the following Awards: Best Runner Up Actor (Eamonne or avon whatever!), Best Actor (Danny boy!), Best Director,  Best Actress (Tishtar) &  Best Lights.

But what did they not win???

“…..And the Best play Runner up goes to…. St. Xaviers!”

that was it… the whole auditorium in uproar!!


We also won the awards for Best Costume and Sets and I, yes me, was tied with Xaviers for Best Lights and they gave me a trophy (Although it has Best sound written on it since the organizers didn’t have two Best Light trophies!) 😛

Well sweet victory (or revenge) was achieved. The day went well for all of us! And we even came in the newspapers. You can read the newspaper article here. The actual print newspaper had my picture but the one in the e-newspaper has been cropped 😦 but even then God is Good! Our play was so good that the Catholic Parish asked us to do it for them in Rang Sharda Auditorium for an event of theirs again. You can check my profile on Facebook for more pictures of the event.

I enjoyed myself. I got to be part of a great event and won something! It’s all because of Him as I look in retrospect. Would love to do it all over again. I hope there are more participants next year and more quality since judge Ashwin Gidwani has decided to sponsor the event here on! Woohoo!

The winning Team of Olio 2009
The winning Team of Olio 2009 From L to R: Me (Lights), Simon Jason (King), Nilaav (Ace), Izelia Pinto(Queen), Johanan Newnes (Jack), Arnold (Joker), Nikhil Alves (Writer & Director)


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  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

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