Trees and Sandcastles

Sandcastles dont need dedicated time and effort...
Sandcastles don't need dedicated time and effort...

Have you tried building sand castles on a beach? What is your vision? Oh, you don’t have a vision. Because you know the moment you leave, a spoilt kid will come and break it or the waves might just wash it away. You don’t devote prolonged time and effort. What if you were planting a seed? You would plant it in the best soil, nurture it, add fertilizers and watch it grow expectantly in to a mighty tree with or without fruits and flowers.

Whether we’re building our careers or building our families or sharing the gospel, at times it can seem like we’re just building temporary sandcastles. But if we look at our lives from God’s perspective, we just might find that our efforts have a value that reaches beyond the here and now. When it comes to effort, God always rewards faithfulness. He will use your efforts to strengthen your marriage, to pass on your faith to your children, to be a diligent worker and to be a save many a lost soul.

Trees require time to grow, nurturing and patience.

You may not see the results tomorrow or even in this lifetime. But your faithfulness matters—to your wife, to your children, to God. We have his word on that: “My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me” (Psalm 101:6). God chooses to live among faithful people—even faithful people who feel like they’re getting nowhere. So, don’t give up on your marriage, or family, or faith. Stay faithful to what God has called you to do. Remember, it’s a tree you’re planting.


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