Distractions while studying

When will be the day I finally start working hard for studies? Is it today? Tomorrow? Now? I need to focus. Surprisingly all the distractions become increasingly more attractive when one is focused on something. The movies are better on the TV, you have more friends online to chat with, your blessed with more ideas to blog about etc. If it’s none of these, then comes the no.1 distraction – daydreaming. Sooner or later I find myself engrossed in dreaming about getting to the top of a conglomerate. Is it my sickness? Is something mentally wrong with me or am I just a lazy potato couch?

Two months to go for the November exams. And I have hardly begun studying. Six subjects with 16 chapters each. I hardly have the time to them even a chapter a day!

If there’s one thing you could pray for yourself (and me too) is the ability to concentrate. Distractions are very threatening. Patrick Stewart said “Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go”. I guess I’ll just get back to my books then. Bye!


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