Where has my time gone?

Only 140 days left this year. Wow! I have a faint idea of the day when I was welcoming the New Year in with a bunch of hollow resolutions which have still to be met. Why this takes so much importance today is because of the fact that life is getting busier by the day. And I’m unable to make time for just about anything. Every time I’m free doing nothing the thought always crosses my mind whether I should be doing something or not. Every minute that goes by now has taken a mile-high value. Suddenly I wonder, could I do something that could help me in my career in these few hours? Is there something that needs urgent attention?

Why is this happening? Is it because I’m too careless and let time going by unnoticed? No, with confidence I can say that I’m not THAT careless. The fact that I’m thinking about it is proof about the same.

Or is it because that I am taking more responsibilities?

In college, we have a multitude of assignments that keep us occupied all semester-round. These projects include presentations, reports case studies and lots more. What adds to the work is that its team work. And when you work in a team you’d know that you ought to work more than what you need to. College events too take their time. Tutions for college deduct my time as well. I sleep 1/3rd of the day. In the church, there’s a lot to do – web designing, bulletins, digital media etc. At the home front although I haven’t had any change in my tasks, I feel the increasing urge to do more and more housework on my own, chip in with washing the dishes, handle the groceries etc. Travelling to college everyday takes two and a half hours away everyday. College itself takes 4 hours. Then the tutions, group work, studies, tests etc. How does a person manage?

I wish I could, you know, just finish college and just run to the playground and play volleyball. I wish I could not see every approaching Sunday as a deadline for some church-related work. I wish that I’m not looking at my calendar and seeing just test and presentation dates. I wish I wish..

I wish somehow I could just fast forward life to the part where I’m CEO of a Trans-national and on a holiday to my personal island in the Bahamas! 😀

No, wishful thinking is not for the wise. It’s for the ridiculously creative. And like all wise people, I think I should invest, not in stocks, or bonds or tangible stuff, but rather, in time. Utilizing the time wisely now, is the key to having more of it later. Time is more enjoyed when you have more of it available. Study hard now, party harder later! And that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll stop writing here. What will you do?


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