F1 breakaway threat ended | espnstar.com

F1 breakaway threat ended | espnstar.com

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Thank goodness! The F1 honchos have finally got their act togeether for the good of the sport. It would have been a tad bit difficult and uneasy for fans to get used to a new breakaway league. But fans aside, all those big entities associated with Formula One would have suffered losses.

Down with Max Mosley! And what a joy to see the jack finally take the pillion rider’s seat in the FIA car he’s controlled all these years. F1 is now a place where teams can have their say. And also its a place where size indeed does matter! If only Force India, Williams or Toro Rosso were to rebel they’d probably be kicked out 😀 but Ferrari and Renault were begged and coerced to stay. And why not? They are the best! The best should compete against the best! No need of no US F1 or some new teams like that. We are good with watching hardcore action between BMW and Mclaren, Ferrari and Renault and wouldn’t it add much more spice if companies like Audi and Citroen came in?

Not only does the management need a change in F1 but also the rules. I find the racing-fuel rule for qualifiers silly! Why should racers come up with strategies for fuel in the race when they haven’t yet determined the starting position? Next year they are planning of scrapping the points system and use the Olympic method of medals. Maximum number of wins, takes the championship. Hello! The last three season winners were seperated by only a fraction of points and much of the anxiety persists towards the end of the year because you may never know how every single point will affect your position in the world championship.

Wished silverstone and hockenheim didn’t have to go. And Magny-cours : I saw Schumi overtake Barrichello there on the fianl turn of the last lap! Such lovely places replaced with now three middle-eastern races in Abu-Dhabi and so on! 😛 Hope it comes to India sooner. Boy, that’ll be the day!


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