Another academic year comes to an end – the penultimate one of college Life!


Second Year BMS (2008-09) at Andrew's.
Second Year BMS (2008-09) at Andrew's.

College ended on the 31st of March and having got my results on the 26th of April, I now move on to the third and final year of my BMS course. This course has given me and all my classmates a number of challenges and joys this year. I did get hard-pressed for time for the Lord and other activities that I enjoy but I can still say that college has been a great time this year. More than the exams, I feel it’s the team projects that we had to do in groups this year that gave us the most excitement. Yes, the exams were a daunting task too, and there’s nothing like the sweet feeling of topping in an exam, however it would be more fun to describe the projects than anything else.


All throughout the year many of us class were given projects which were out of this world and some downright ridiculous! Having already worked a year together in groups of 7 the teachers expected us to be all-powerful and able to do what they asked to us to do. Take an example of a group who were asked to organize a Job fair in 2 months flat. We’re talking about graduates here who not having learnt anything yet in the art of Event Management asked to set up an event coordinating with multi-national companies in order to provide jobs for 4000 students! I mean it’s ok that you make them organize a job fair, but at that scale? When they aren’t even graduates? Well theirs was outrageous for sure, but they had it forced upon them.

My group on the other hand, valiantly chose to do something ‘different’ by not doing the documentary of ‘heritage structures in Mumbai city’ and rather do ‘A Bollywood-style film’ revolving around the heritage structures. Thinking it would have more fun, we had it approved by our professor and set off. To cut a long story short, instead of a movie it became a still picture movie. Also, the project took a month longer than expected along with numerous hurdles, had to be redone due to an actual hard disk crash of our computer, brought about a number of cracks in our relationships with each other within the group and gave us only 50% of the marks we were expecting. By God’s grace everyone has forgiven each other and moved on and we’re still together as a group of 7. We were happy that the worst of our projects was finally over.

Having one presentation gone badly, we expected the others to go well especially our Marketing project in which we were asked to come up with a pricing & segmentation strategy for BEST bus tickets. Again the great ‘Magna Corporation’, as our group is called, went out-of-the-box and recomposed the theme song of ‘Singh is King’ and made it ‘BEST is best!’. If you’ve heard the song you’ll understand what we did. When we presented it, we got a shock of our lives when our Marketing professor dismissed the song as a ‘useless jingle’ and then lambasted us for having too much content on our 10 slides (even though the rest had 20+ slides) and a messed up strategy. Having learnt that, we decided to include the least matter on our slides for our Productivity and Quality Mgmt. presentation but the reaction to that was also negative. ‘Insufficient matter’ apparently was the reason.

Well that was the bad part, but there were upsides too. Our group became famous throughout the SyBMS for having attempted the audacious project of making a movie. In one of our PR projects, we took the topic of ‘PR for a movie’ and advertised our movie so much that the whole class was really very eager to see it. As an individual group, we were happy when only 5 of our members completed one whole project on the National Small Industries Corporation which the professor praised.

During the year we had various other memorable events as a class. One of the really memorable ones was when our CR (Class representative) arranged for a picnic and nearly all of the class except for a few went there. Some goody-goodies who unknowingly came to college that day and accidentally (how true we don’t know) told the Coordinator we were mass bunking. The Coordinator of the college was informed the Dean and then penalized all of us with minus 10 in internals and an additional project. This professor constantly there after played mean with our class thereafter. The other memorable events included our Industrial Visit to a Pipe manufacturing unit in Diu and a few other mass bunking episodes.


Thus the year went by. Exams showed who really was good at the books. But one thing I could say this year taught me is that you can’t have fun without your friends – everyone of them! I mean what would life be if everyone acted the way you wanted them to? You’d never understand what life is all about. Group work, Ind. Visits etc. all of these events help you to understand just that. What a wonderful year it’s been. And now with only one more left till graduation, I’m glad I enjoyed this one!




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