And I thought Sunday School was child’s play!

T’was a a wonderful sunny day then. The warm sun shining warmly outside. Birds and cars chirping their way around. People working hard to get out of bed. Things really seemed good. However, far, far away, in the bottom of a hotel, a boy sits with pen, papers and activity sheets waiting for their rightful users to arrive. Then, there in the horizon from where the heavens meet the earth (or rather first floor stairs reach ground floor) a cloud of dust arises and a horde of hooligans make their presence felt on his land. 

They push, prod and deface anything they get their hands on. Someone said, the Pen is mightier than the sword. I say the CRAYON is mightier than the pen. Line after line is drawn on all the furniture under his care. 

Finally the dust settles and the lad gets to his feet. He rubs his eyes and lo! Before him stands a mighty army of twwweennnnnnttyyyyyy siiiiiixxxx children between the ages of 5 and 10.

He yells and screams, hands flying in the air giving orders to them. They rebel. They refuse. He says “Woe is me! For I’m the one who volunteered to do Sunday School!!”.


This is the army of god! Sons/daughters of abraham....they are a naughty generation
This is the army of god! Sons/daughters of abraham....they are a naughty generation



If the suspense didn’t get to you even at this point, I suggest you laugh! Now.

Neil’s PJ #214

Getting serious, the kids are not some everyone can handle. It takes someone who is willing to sacrifice his throat , his time, and deal with his ego ’cause many of the questions these kids have, are Humiliating!

My theme for the Sunday School that day was love. Began with telling them how God made earth and why he did it – because he loved man and wanted man to love him too by worshipping him.  After the speech 😉 we (My wonderful friends had volunteered to help me. Thank God for them) gave them their activity sheets which had a crossword to complete, a drawing to colour and a memory verse to study. The little ones took their own sweet time while the slightly older ones finished and began to get restless. They began making a din and I had to send some out for a while as punishment (which wasn’t much since i’d call them back in 3 minutes). 

Just then one of the parents came to take her child away. The meeting was over! And according to my set of ethics – So was this Sunday School!

Haven’t gone into detail but the crux of the matter is, I wouldn’t have been able to do it if my friends- Parveen, Jacob, Christina, Nikita and Nishka hadn’t to help. I thank the Lord the kids went home smiling! 

One thing for sure: for a sunday school teacher, this is no Child’s Play!


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